Curiosity’s mission to Mars began years ago, but the rover has continued to study the Red Planet well past its initial two-year mission timeline, to establish the historic habitability of Mars for life. It is now working in collaboration with the new Perseverance Mars rover, which landed in February 2021 and has been tasked with collecting rock and soil samples for a possible return to Earth.

KENS NOTE: As you know by now, NASA says it has no evidence of life on Mars. After researching a few hundred images from the rovers on Mars, I have discovered hundreds of insects and very strange things. NASA has purposely blurred many images on Mars in order to hide life on Mars. All you have to do is research and view the NASA hi-def images to see for yourself. I have found the most images on Gigapan. ….……. Panoramic Photography | Panoramic Images | Hi-Res Images | GigaPan This will take you to images on Mars. You can also find the GigaPan images on Facebook. There are a few Mars sites that have the GigaPan images on them. These images seem to be in hi-definition and makes it easy to spot insects or mammals. Make sure you are using a larger desk top screen or laptop, at least 16 inches, to properly see the image. Zoom in on the image and see for yourself. It usually takes me a few hours to properly scan one image for insects. Below are some of my newer findings on Mars. Sometimes it is very hard to get a clear image of these insects. Most of the time they are very small and by the time I enlarge them, the image looks blurry. Send me your findings and I will publish them for you… 

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