So, you’ve watched 9/11: A Conspiracy Theory and now you’re wondering who Jessica Lynch is? Well, you can always check the hyperlinked transcript. But while we’re at it, why not dig a little further into the Jessica Lynch legend and learn all about how the media fabricates war stories for the consumption of the fluoride-addled, television-addicted masses?

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9/11: A Conspiracy Theory

Jessica Lynch myth

Jessica Lynch interviews from 2003 to 2023

A 2018 conversation on the “cleared hot” podcast with one of the SEAL team members involved in her rescue

The full video of Lynch’s 2007 testimony before the House Oversight Committee on the Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch incidents

The entire (and entirely boring) video of the rescue operation

An overview and timeline of the media construction of the Lynch story via the Pew Research Center

BBC “War Spin” documentary on the Lynch hoax

2003 article on Bruckheimer’s “Profiles From the Front Line”

The Media Matrix

Mass Media: A History

The Gulf War Did Not Take Place

Context Is Everything

Waxman discusses Hollywood construction of fake Lynch story during Lynch congressional testimony.

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