SpaceX will launch the Psyche probe into a journey to a metal world: the asteroid 16 Psyche. This is the first scientific probe that intends to visit such a celestial body. To that end, the payload travels atop a Falcon Heavy rocket, aiming at an escape trajectory.

Historical Launch Complex 39A, at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, in Florida, will see the launcher take to the skies. Afterward, the launch vehicle will follow a trajectory due east-southeast, taking considerable advantage of Earth’s rotation.

As has been happening during the latest launches of this vehicle, SpaceX will not recover its center core that will crash into the ocean. Conversely, both side boosters will return to land close to the launch site. The fairing halves will also be recovered for potential later reuse. If liftoff could not take place, additional instantaneous launch windows exist from now until October 25.

For more info, check out our Prelaunch Preview! –

00:00 – Intro
03:35 – Prelaunch Preview
20:30 – Q&A
48:15 – Liftoff
50:50 – Booster Separation
52:30 – Stage Separation
56:15 – Booster Landing
1:00:00 – Q&A
1:42:00 – Second Stage Ignition 2
1:50:00 – Psyche Deployment


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