Tonight’s video is vitally important for anyone still undecided about voting in the upcoming Referendum or, worse still, considering voting “Yes.”

On tonight’s video we will be explaining the 2 step process to the Referendum, what those steps are and what they’re not telling you yet.

We’ll explain how they intend to shift the liability of the various Crowns to the Australian people and create an Australian system of Apartheid

We’ll also discuss the treaties and reparations that are openly known about but not being discussed and the $4 billion that is already being spent but not helping those who really need it – so how is this Voice to Parliament going to make a difference!

went through a number of really positive articles about Alan Joyce being held to account and a law professor taking on the police and beating them.

And, finally, we finished off by going through the latest testimonials from some of our members, and some more powerful memes to really get people thinking about what is going on at the moment.

As always, we covered some very powerful and very timely information so please be sure to share this around as far and as wide as possible.


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