Learn More at Kolbrin.comThe inspiration for my latest article, Revelation 8:7 and Planet X – The Blood, occurred as I created an entirely new website for Kolbrin.com.

I’m delighted that the site is live, so please visit it for never-before-published information about the work.

This new website has been a long project, but it yielded the essential “blood” metaphor that connects Exodus’s Hebrew and Egyptian accounts with Revelation 8:7.

When I found this connection, I paused work on the website to write the first of a series of Revelation articles.  It was a good thing because it changed my focus on the website.

A New Look and New Goodies for Kolbrin Fans

My first Kolbrin.com website was a traditional website dedicated to a book or group.  It explained The Kolbrin Bible for an early adopter market.  It worked well, and with this new website, my first idea was to reuse that content and put a fresh new look on the site.

The new Kolbrin.com web site. Help spread the word.

Reusing the old text was my Plan A, and that idea crashed after I wrote Revelation 8:7 and Planet X – The BloodAs a result, I knew it was time to talk to people who love The Kolbrin Bible.  To give them a site they can enjoy and suggest to others.

So, let’s get to the goodies. 

Be sure to read all the pages linked to the top menu bar.  Each offers completely new insights into each book.

There are two pages at the bottom for those who like to rummage about to see what they see, and there are two gems there for you fantastic Kolbrin fans.  Scroll to the bottom menu bar in the footer and check the About and Media pages.  You’ll like it.  Trust me.

Please check it out today at Kolbrin.com.

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