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Creeping Rise Of The UK Dictatorship 2023

00:27 Global bodies G7 UN WHO WEF COP


State Pension A Reason To Check Your Bank Statement?

06:25 Birmingham Mail: DWP confirms plans to check bank accounts to stop £1.3 billion in benefit fraud

UK Parliament: Data Protection and Digital Information Bill

TheyWorkForYou: Data Protection and Digital Information Bill: 29 Nov 2023

Stephen Timms MP: Stephen criticises Government plans to inspect bank accounts


How Law And Order May Be Corrupted To Suit The Agenda

12:08 Auditing Britain (YouTube): Police State Birmingham

Legislation: Police Reform Act 2002, Section 50

Legislation: Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014

Metropolitan Police: What is antisocial behaviour?

College of Policing: Anti-social behaviour powers

Just Stop Oil (on X): 

Six police vans and a patrol car arrived. Police demanded everyone’s details under Section 50 of the Police Reform Act, which if you give, you can’t be arrested or detained under.

UK Parliament: Parliamentary Bills: Criminal Justice Bill


COP-out 28

23:58 The Guardian: Cop28 president says there is ‘no science’ behind demands for phase-out of fossil fuels

Consilium Europa: What the EU wants to achieve at the climate summit COP28

U.S. Department of State:  COP28 Briefing with Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry

It’s a very important COP.  It’s the first COP that will take stock of our collective progress towards achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement.

McKinsey And Company: What is the global stocktake?

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Pfizer Lied…

32:47 Texas Attorney General: Attor­ney Gen­er­al Ken Pax­ton Sues Pfiz­er for Mis­rep­re­sent­ing COVID-19 Vac­cine Effi­ca­cy and Con­spir­ing to Cen­sor Pub­lic Discourse

The facts are clear. Pfizer did not tell the truth about their COVID-19 vaccines. Whereas the Biden Administration weaponized the pandemic to force illegal public health decrees on the public and enrich pharmaceutical companies

Straight Arrow News (YouTube): Texas sues Pfizer, says company lied about efficacy of COVID vaccine

Fierce Pharma: Pfizer is the target of another lawsuit from Texas AG Paxton

The New York Times (2009): Pfizer Pays $2.3 Billion to Settle Marketing Case


Safeguarding Agencies Working With The Church Of England

39:29 Church Times: Former ISB members cut links to review

Independent Safeguarding Board: Terms of Reference

Church of England: Statement from Archbishops’ Council on the Independent Safeguarding Board

Church of England: Welcome for Professor Alexis Jay

Ineqe Safeguarding Group: Church of England

National Secular Society: Bill to separate Church from state to be introduced in parliament

Paul Scriven (on X): 

I’m looking forward to introducing this Bill that will finally deal with the Church of England being one of many religious organisations and not the State Church with the privileges that brings

UK Parliament: Foetal Sentience Committee Bill [HL]


Checking The BBC Morning Headlines

47:05 BBC: Israel army ‘in all areas of Gaza’ as new evacuations ordered


‘Carbon Boot-Print’ Of The UK Military

50:25 BBC: Solar panels used by British Army linked to claims of forced labour in China

The British Army (2021): New era of solar power at Yorkshire base

IPS Journal: Globally, the military sector is estimated to generate around six per cent of all CO2 emissions

The Conflict and Environment Observatory: The military’s contribution to climate change

Harvard International Review: Depleted Uranium, Devastated Health: Military Operations and Environmental Injustice in the Middle East

Scientists for Global Responsibility: The Environmental Impacts of the UK Military Sector (PDF)

The House of Commons Library: UK defence expenditure

In 2021/22, the UK spent £45.9 billion on defence. This was £3.6 billion higher than the previous year. As a member of NATO, the UK is committed to spending 2% of GDP on defence each year. It was one of just nine of NATO member countries to have met this target in 2022, spending 2.1% of GDP on defence.


Where Did Kissinger Come From?

1:00:30 The New York Times: Henry Kissinger Is Dead at 100; Shaped the Nation’s Cold War History

David Sanger (on X): White House and National Security Correspondent

Rolling Stone: Henry Kissinger, Notorious War Criminal, Lauded By Media

New American: Henry Kissinger, Eminence Grise of the Globalist Establishment, Passes On


From Extra

Jon Ronson (on X): 

I remember the conspiracy author Big Jim Tucker telling me in the 1990s that Henry Kissinger actually has an American accent and he fakes his German accent. If that’s true he’s REALLY playing the long game.

WeAreChange (YouTube): Henry Kissinger confronted on Bilderberg and More

Stop the Presses By THE TRUTH HOUND (YouTube): Mark Anderson plays drum riffs Nov. 30 at the Sand Bar blues night

Wendall Explores (YouTube): Homeless Crisis In England’s Poshest City

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