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In this video, I’m gonna show you how to unleash the most magnetic, non-attached energy that you can possibly imagine, to show you how to release it from the inside, out, stop tuning to other people, stop releasing what is called needy energy, which literally repels that which you want, and it’s gonna be a game changer for you.

Now, the first thing to realize when it comes to non-attached, magnetic energy is that it is void of something called neediness. Now, non-neediness is magnetic.

Neediness literally repels. Now, the thing to realize about non-needy, non-attached energy is that attachment comes from prior experience where a lot of the times, as kids, our needs weren’t met, so then what we’d do is we search for it on the outside and want other people to meet the needs to close the loop from childhood.

So, let me say this another way. Basically, what happens is, we have these unmet childhood needs that as kids, our just needs weren’t met, maybe it was validation, maybe it was approval. So then what we’d do is when we’re dating people, we’re searching for it.

We’re wondering if they’regonna give it to us. But remember, the more you want something, the more you energetically are saying you don’t currently have it. So, this is about understanding that of vibrational resonance as well.

Now, one of the best ways to also think about non-attached, magnetic energy is that one is focused on, when you talk about neediness versus non-neediness, neediness is focused on outcome. It’s focused on transaction. It’s focused on exchange.

When you talk about non-needy energy, non-needy energy is not attached to outcome. Non-needy energy is present to the moment. Non-needy energy is in their own frame. The difference between these two energies makes all the difference in the world, and in order to unleash the non-attached, magnetic energy, what has to be let go of is the attachment to trying to manipulate the environment.

So, for example, for a long time, as I’ve shared in many of my videos, I was tuning to other people, probably in a certain way too because my ex-stepmom growing up, from seven to 15, she was somebody that had such a strong frame, ’cause she’s a narcissist, so that was like my brother and I, in order to get by, we had to be a certain way.

We had to stay outta the way in sometimes. Sometimes we had to be a different way in order to get our own needs met. And in a weird way, I think what that had me do as I grew up is I would tune to other people because in some weird way, that felt safe.

Even though my dad divorced her when I was 15 years old, there was like something that felt safe about living inside a little box of where somebody tells me what I can and can’t do. So subconsciously, it felt familiar for somebody else to dictate what I was and wasn’t allowed to do.

So after my ex-stepmom left my life at 15, I attracted people into my life to reflect that back that need. I’d attract girlfriends that were very jealous, managers that were very controlling, other people that were controlling. Why?

Because in a weird way, that felt familiar. I had an attachment to a familiar energy where I felt like I had to fight for my own freedom. Now, in the same way, I think because my ex-stepmom was so strict, it was kinda like having an Army sergeant as a stepmom, there was a part of me that believed that in order to get love, I had to be a certain way, I had to please other people.

I would have to not make them feel uncomfortable.I’d have to be the most perfect version of myself. And what that led to is that when I was dating people, I would tune my own energy, I would tune my own frame to whatever everyone else wanted me to be, which is a big burden. And in order to get my own childhood needs met, that meant that I had to please other people.

That meant that I was attached to what they thought of me. Because if they thought negative of me, that meant I wasn’t gonna get my needs met. That meant I wasn’t gonna
get approval or validation. So in a weird way, I would then attract people into my life where I would seek their validation and their approval in exchange for me being however I thought they wanted me to be, for me to please them.

So, I would get validation, approval, exchange for pleasing and like being really nice to them, the people pleasing mentality. Now, when it comes to non-attached, magnetic energy, it’s about healing, letting that go, and being safe in your own frame.

Now, in order to do this, the thing that changed everything for me, is a couple years ago, what happened was is I realized that I was tuning to other people to get my own needs met. I realized that even in conversation, like there was so many times I would abandon myself in order to appear a certain way.


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