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In this video, I’m gonna show you why they would come back and I’m gonna show you energetically how to unleash non-attached magnetic energy, so that you completely transform the energy dynamic that is currently going on.

Now, the first thing to understand with this whole entire process is that based on the energy we are emitting, we are either attracting or we are repelling based on that energy.

Now, if you’re clicking on this video, then it’s a chance that you might be feeling resistance about your current situation. Now here’s the thing, in order to become irresistible energetically, you must release resistance.

Irresistible is void of resistance. And the thing is, is when there’s somebody or someone that we’re connecting with, and even somebody that we’re thinking a lot about, what happens is when we’re thinking about them, we’re literally projecting energy towards them.

And that energy if we’re feeling resistance is being projected at them and they are feeling that. So the interesting thing about this is remember, people feel what you feel about you. And if you’re thinking about them, there’s a feeling of I’m not safe right now.

I don’t feel safe within my own body or I want someone else’s validation or approval or them to do something they’re not doing. And in a way, what happens is then you’re thinking about them and it’s literally repelling them from actually doing what you want.

Now the reason this is, is because energetically, when you are in your body, and you bring the awareness into your hands and your feet, there’s a magnetic quality that comes from being present.

Now, when the energy’s being projected outwards and not only is it being projected outwards, but it’s saying I want things to be different than they are.

In a way it’s an energy of arguing with reality. It’s arguing with the person whose attention you may be trying to get.

Now energetically, the key to this and the most powerful thing I could share with you in this whole entire video is understanding this dynamic and why it is important for you to actually bring your energy back to you versus projecting it towards them.

And the reason this also is, is because when you are inside of your own body, think about it, the electromagnetic energy of your heart is thousands of times more powerful than that of the head.

And this is something the HeartMath Institute has shown. So what happens is, if we’re thinking about someone else, we’re thinking about someone else, we’re thinking about someone else and we’re not feeling complete or we’re feeling like they’re not doing something we want, we’re energetically closing in, we’re feeling resistance.

There’s a certain dimming of the light that occurs. There’s a certain level of energy that begins to close in and contracts.

However, when you get more inside of your own body, and even inside your own heart, and you’re following your own purpose and you’re doing what you love, and you’re around friends and people that you like, and you’re living by your own values, it changes the energy.

It allows you to then be who you came here to be. And what I would encourage you to do is to look at whether or not you are following your passion, whether or not you are living according to your own values and virtues, because those go very strongly into your own sense of integrity, to how you feel about you.

And here’s another main point I want to really wire you’re in here because this for me for a long time was a challenge for me. I had to become aware that I was in a way more familiarized with being the cameo in other people’s movies rather than being the star of my own movie.

There was a level of safety I got from wanting to help someone else, from wanting to fix someone else. And therefore I would attract people that I felt like I needed to fix, which also was implying there’s something wrong with them.

And that would depolarize the dynamic, depolarize the relationship. And that was something that was stemmed from a childhood wound of feeling abandoned as a kid, and there’s an abandonment wound there to then said that in order for me to really keep people around, I need to do what everyone else is not willing to do.

I need to fix somebody else, I need to stay around no matter what. It’s like I need to have an extreme amount of loyalty. But then in the process I’d always end up abandoning myself.

So one of the main core themes that I noticed within myself, the more I did this, the more my life transformed is the more I stopped abandoning myself.

And the more I brought my attention inside my own body and the more I started living according to my own virtues, values, and levels of integrity, and the more I became the star of my own movie, the more my life changed as a result, because here’s the thing.


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