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Have you been waiting for FAA news on the upcoming Starship flight? I know I have, and there is a lot to dive into with that alone. This is a Critical SpaceX Starship Fight to Fly with a long overdue Senate Hearing talking to Commercial Space. Along with that though, so many amazing topics that I’m sure you are going to find very intriguing such as the ISRO success with Gaganyaan! It is an absolute adventure every week and this one is dense my friends, so let’s rip right into it.

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🔗 Citing slow Starship reviews, SpaceX urges FAA to double licensing staff

🔗 Senate Hearing – FAA / Red Tape Discussion with Commercial Space

🔗 Eyes on the Solar System – 16 Psyche – NASA/JPL

🔗 EEVBlog – NASA Canberra Deep Space Communications Complex

The production crew:
GameplayReviewUK, TiagoCruz, Mr Pleasant, Virtu, Orbitly

Support from the below is always massively appreciated:
📷 NASASpaceFlight – https://www.youtube.com/@NASASpaceflight
📷 RGVAerialPhotography – https://www.youtube.com/@RGVAerialPhotography
📷 Greg Scott – https://twitter.com/GregScott_photo
📷 Starship Gazer – https://twitter.com/StarshipGazer
📷 Cosmic Perspective – https://www.youtube.com/@CosmicPerspective
📷 LabPadre – https://www.youtube.com/@LabPadre
📷 Epic Spaceflight – https://www.youtube.com/@EpicSpaceflight

Set models:
😍Mini venting Starship/SLS – https://stardesk.peachs.co/a/marcus-house
Starship, & Crew Dragon by – https://morethan3d.com/
Moon/Mars Mova Globes – https://www.movaglobes.com/
Saturn V – LEGO – https://www.lego.com/en-au/product/lego-nasa-apollo-saturn-v-92176
Space Shuttle – LEGO – https://www.lego.com/en-au/product/nasa-space-shuttle-discovery-10283

3D artist magicians:
✨ Tony Bela – https://twitter.com/InfographicTony
✨ Ryan Hansen Space – https://twitter.com/RyanHansenSpace
✨ Erc X – https://twitter.com/ErcXspace
✨ Corey – https://twitter.com/C_Bass3d
✨ Alex Svan – https://twitter.com/AlexSvanArt
✨ DeepSpaceCourier – https://twitter.com/ds_courier
✨ SpaceXvision – https://twitter.com/SpacexVision
✨ Stanley Creative – https://twitter.com/Caspar_Stanley
✨ Matt Ryan – https://twitter.com/MattR5226
✨ TijnM_3DAnimations – https://twitter.com/m_tijn
✨ Christian Debney – https://twitter.com/ChristianDebney
✨ Evan Karen – https://www.youtube.com/@EvanKaren
✨ 3D Daniel – https://twitter.com/3DDaniel1


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