In this rich and insightful talk, Moojibaba responds to a questioner who asks how we can stay in our inner emptiness, the true Self, when life also calls us to engage with the troubles and sorrows of the world? How can we engage with others and see to our responsibilities in life without losing touch with our true nature?

“The whole world seems to be in this heightened tension of personhood and fears, anxieties and aspirations that come with that state. All situations and conditions are helping you to recognise, to discern, and to throw the attention back into the abyss of the unmoving Self.

If you are grounded, others may very naturally settle down in their being — that’s the power of your own centered-ness.”

‘A Call to Awakening’ Online Retreat | 27 May 2022
An excerpt from the Satsang: “Turn the Window to the World Into the Mirror of the Self”


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