Derrick Broze of The Conscious Resistance Network joins us to discuss The Greater Reset 5: Manifestation, the latest edition of the ongoing series of solutions-focused workshop/conferences seeking to empower people on their quest to build the parallel systems of the future. From workshops and presentations on permaculture and parallel networks to taking back our tech and building community (including a virtual presentation from James Corbett), this conference offers something for every stripe of #SolutionsWatch-er, both in person and in a free livestream.

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The Greater Reset 5: Manifestation

The Freedom Cell Network

Building Community – #SolutionsWatch (information on The Conscious Agora)

Translate the Truth – #SolutionsWatch

Translate the Truth Odysee channel

Landmark Fluoride Lawsuit Restarts Soon: Why You Should Care

Utah County Sheriff’s Office Sets Off Debate With Investigation Into ‘Ritualistic Child Sex Abuse’


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