Thanks to Patricia & Michelle for this recent interview with Corey! From December 7th. Their website is:

Corey’s Links mentioned:

Corey Goode – Official Homepage

Disclosure Comics – Graphic Novels from Corey Goode

AscensionWorks.TV – Social/Video Network for Students of the Deepest Truths of Our Reality

Some Timestamps:

5:25 Corey starts discussing some history
7:44 Lawsuit Discussions
20:15 Rumors about Corey
23:58 Rumors about ECETI
25:45 Corey’s Advice to content creators
29:26 Twisting Narratives
31:47 Films covering the Community
36:35 Other Recent Projects
38:36 ET & SSP Discussions Begin

In addition to #5 SEC Investigation – Right now Gaia has 4 lawsuits that we are aware of with a 5th lawsuit about to be filed – A Securities class action suit by Investors;
1. RICO Civil Suit: Trademark violations (Cyberstalking) – Goode vs Gaia, Inc. –…
2. Patent Civil Suit – NEC vs Gaia, Inc. –…
3. Copyright Civil Suit – Antarctica Films vs Gaia, Inc. –…
4. Class Action Civil Suit Facebook Privacy violations – Guida vs Gaia, Inc –
5. Yoga-Streaming Company Gaia to Settle SEC Probe –
6. EQUITY ALERT: ROSEN, A TOP RANKED LAW FIRM, Encourages Gaia, Inc. Investors to Inquire About Securities Class Action Investigation – GAIA –


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