Welcome to 2023, and a really interesting set of topics today to kick the year off. A bunch of neat new things to discuss at Starbase Texas. SpaceX Starship Updates of course, but the new device to ensure the Orbital Launch Mount can support the full 5,000 tonnes of a Fully Stacked and Loaded Starship. A very exciting launch and return to landing site for Falcon 9, but also some super interesting payloads to talk about within that Transporter 6 mission. A brand new fully reusable vehicle by Stoke Space with only a metal heat shield? How is that going to work? And then we worked hard on a new compilation to re-inspire and remind myself and all of us, why a Crazy Future Awaits if SpaceX can nail Starship and its future plans. This year is already looking very exciting as we count down to the biggest tests of the Starship yet.

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🎵 A Crazy Future Awaits – Compilation Music
Dreamstate Logic – Divine Nexus

The production crew:
Brenton Myers, Brendan Lewis, GameplayReviewUK, TiagoCruz, Mr Pleasant, Virtu

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