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After a tiny reduction of events over the new year period, the industry has immediately ramped back up into full force it seems. Starbase Texas is screaming towards that first orbital flight test. Loads to talk about just with SpaceX Starship Upgrade Testing of Booster 7 and Ship 24. Clearing up misinformation on the lies spread about a Jan 31st launch. Zero change of that, but what is the truth? We have got new insights from the sky at the Massey’s site and Greg Scott back up over the site in Florida. So much to cover with the Starship project. But then, loads outside that. We have Falcon Heavy USSF-67, the Falcon 9 RTLS spectacle with OneWeb, big movements of United Launch Alliance’s Vulcan rocket. New James Webb Space Telescope excitement, and finally some not so great news with a few missions too.

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