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Storm coming in and I had some fun…I love lightening. Even though it’s dangerous. I show a one second lightning strike in slow motion…and we can actually see about 6 or 7 strikes of lightning in the exact same place…That is how fast lightening is…Lightning actually comes up from the ground first and the ground forces indicate where to strike. I filmed this before in the past. Slow motion shows us everything we don’t see with the named eye. All we see is a blast of white light….I got a little visit by a baby bird. Hawk? Or other. It even came onto my hand…Quite the exciting day loll let me know if you enjoyed it by leaving me a comment. It helps my channel be recommended by Youtube.

If you want a moon base on your wall…had this started years ago…but never shared it out. For those curious.

Well known French Ufologist & Paranormal & Entity researcher in France, Christian Macé…his posts can be seen in English too.

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