Florence Read meets Slavoj Zizek.

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In his new book ‘Surplus Enjoyment: A Guide for the Non-Perplexed’, psychoanalyst and Marxist philosopher Slavoj Zizek argues that Western decadence has reached a point of no return. When it comes to the simultaneous crises of climate change, the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, he asserts, only a cooperative global effort will steer us away from catastrophe. But have the culture wars weakened the West too much to regain order in disordered times? Slavoj Zizek joined UnHerd’s Florence Read, live from his home in Slovenia, to discuss the cure for chaos.

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00:00 – 00:49 – Introduction
00:49 – 09:24 – Slavoj Zizek explains the concept of ‘surplus enjoyment’, and how we escape it
09:24 – 12:45 – How does Zizek view the role of Big Pharma during the pandemic?
12:45 – 19:05 – What should NATO’s role be?
19:05 – 23:57 – Is Putin’s invasion of Ukraine comparable to Hitler’s expansionist Germany?
23:58 – 26:02 – Should the West defend Taiwan if China invades?
26:02 -31:52 – Slavoj Zizek on Jordan Peterson and woke culture
31:52 – 41:30 – Is the real threat a coalition between Western Right-wingers and authoritarians like Putin?
41:30 – 46:21 – Is the solution to return to tradition?
46:21 – 47:18 – With energy and water being rationed, is the West seeing the results of its failed ideologies?
47:18 – 49:44 – What is Slavoj Zizek’s definition of communism?
49:44 – 51:51 – Are we addicted to chaos?
51:51 – 55:47 – Should we be expelling the symbols of surplus enjoyment from our societies?
55:47 – 57:06 – Concluding thoughts

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