Signs 80 – Acceleration?In our previous installment, Signs 79 – One Way or Another, we stated, “If recent trends continue, we will continue in this pulse pattern phase and eventually into another gap.”

Our tracking is holding, but now there is another viable possibility to consider. Nemesis is well into its high-acceleration phase as it arcs towards its perihelion point. The distance and which it closes it comes to the sun.

We will know that once Nemesis achieves perihelion, it will be far enough away from the sun that instead of brief observations around sunset and sunrise, it can become a steady fixture in our daily sky.

This new twist means that our distance and speed variables are changing because Nemesis is in a fast, comet-like orbit and getting faster. Ergo, time is no longer a constant. Nor is it on our side.

August 2023 Fireballs

Fireballs are reported worldwide, and the American Meteor Society, the primary source for North America, for this dataset.

AMS Multistate / Country Fireballs

Multistate/country fireballs cross the borders of multiple states and countries. For this reason, this is a critical category in the dataset because of the distance these fireballs must travel to receive reports from across large geographic areas.

AMS Multistate Fireballs for 1/2019 to 9/2023

As with July 2023, August 2023 is in 2nd place.   There is a consistent four-month pattern here.

AMS Huge Event Fireballs

It’s commonplace for Multistate / Country Fireballs to be reported as huge events because a huge event occurs when 100 or more eyewitness observers report it.

AMS Huge Event Fireballs for 1/2019 to 8/2023

August 2023 ties for first place with every other year except 2022.  There is a consistent pattern here.

AMS Monthly Total Fireballs

The monthly total fireballs are the most critical category in this dataset, and August 2023 limps into third place.  There is a consistent four-month pattern here.

AMS Monthly Fireballs for 1/2019 to 8/2023

This pattern corroborates the pulse pattern phase hypothesis of J.P. Jones.

Yearly AMS Fireball Totals

The inner ring of the Nemesis Cloud is bolting upward through the ecliptic into the Northern skies as Nemesis begins accelerating toward aphelion, its closest point to Sol.

This brings us to the annual totals, which show a softer result than last year at this time.

AMS Multistate Fireballs for 1/2011 to 8/2023

In August 2022, the total for this dataset handily beat 2016 and 2017 and came within a respectable distance of beating 2018 as well.  So, what is different about 2023?

We’ve been tracking very interesting upticks in two sun observation videos.

For decades, YouTube was where folks posted these, but it’s become an ugly place for folks concerned about posting something people will smear as a “conspiracy theory.”  While we’re seeing them on Facebook and Instagram, the happening place for this is TikTok, and we are delighted by the reporting because people are asking questions.  Or should we say, feeling free to ask questions?

This has been an excellent development for us.  Remember Men In Black?  The infamous “hot sheets” K used for his best intelligence.  Whoulda thunk it, TikTok is the hot sheets of Planet X research.  We’ve been tracking them, and collectively, they helped us to determine that the Nemesis constellation is accelerating towards perihelion.   Next year, it’s showtime.

For our Signs research, this poses a new possibility.  The Nemesis cloud is simultaneously moving on two axes relative to the ecliptic, the plane of our solar system.  So why does this matter?

For now, we’ve been tracking the rocks thrown at us from the Nemesis cloud for years.  When it gets personal, what will it be like?   Read our latest article, Revelation 8:7 and Planet X – The Blood.   Pay close attention to the “blood” metaphor discussed in that article because here is what matters.

We now have two independent phases to study: pulse pattern and perihelion acceleration pattern.  Hopefully, in the coming months, they will let us know when every living soul on the planet experiences Revelation 8:7.  Now read about the blood.

Earthquakes Since 1997

At the outset of our Signs series, J. P. Jones created a dataset spreadsheet that tracks the total number of earthquakes each month beginning with 1997.

Earthquakes All Magnitudes 1/1997 to 8/2023

We’ve walked out of the valley of data capping.   But is it too good to be true?  We wonder.  We watch.

Monthly Earthquakes 1/2019 to 8/2023

The illustration below uses current USGS data and represents earthquakes of all magnitudes.

Monthly Earthquakes of All Magnitudes 1/2019 to 8/2023

The data capping at 10K is over, but we still feel a collective twitch in our spidey sense.  It seems that putting one’s faith in the government is about as appealing as a blind date with Freddy Kruger.  Nonetheless, let’s continue to watch it.

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