Join Richard Dolan in an exclusive interview with Luigi Vendittelli, the man behind the groundbreaking project that recreates the infamous Area 51/S4/Papoose Lake in a virtual reality environment. Luigi and his team have worked closely with Bob Lazar, the man who worked on extraterrestrial technology at Area 51, to ensure the highest level of accuracy. This project not only includes a documentary film featuring Bob Lazar walking through the virtual recreation of the base, but also a follow-up VR experience that allows individuals to explore the base themselves. Get a sneak peek into the project, see incredible visual recreations of S4, the hangar, and the famous “Sports Model” flying saucer. Hear about the meticulous process behind its creation, and learn about the fascinating details of the base as described by Bob Lazar himself. This is a must-watch for anyone interested in UFOs, extraterrestrial contact, and the mysteries of Area 51.

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