Revelation 8:8-9 and Planet X – The MountainIn this second installment in this series, we will use accounts from The Kolbrin Bible and other texts to corroborate Revelation 8:8-9.  This article builds upon Revelation 8:7 and Planet X – The Blood, which was an easy one, relatively speaking.

From this point forward, it will all be hard ones as this series explores these ancient prophecies for these times.  Given that the path ahead will transit dark and foreboding narratives, what makes this series different from other Revelation narratives?

It is how this and each installment in the future leaves you feeling.  Heads up for fear-porn junkies seeking a repetitious drone of “they” are doing this, and “they” are doing that.  Sorry, no fear junkie bait to make you feel fearful and impotent.

We’ll do this with love, not fear.

The Power of Love

If you get it and care to get through it, you will need the power of love to survive the horrific events foreseen by the ancients.

These warnings motivated me and researcher JP Jones to ask an obvious question when we started this work.  How can the prophecies in Revelation and other great wisdom texts survive the long march of time?

The answer is that they were penned with love and hope for the future, and their warnings to us, their intended audience, express the most extraordinary form of love possible—the love of your kind.

These ancient authors were in it for the species, and their prophecies are converging from many directions and times, and yet, they all share one common omission.  They all glance away from the unspoken elephant in the room because we, Dear Readers, are the beast itself.

If we fail this ultimate battle of good vs. evil, our kind will go to sleep with the dinosaurs, and then every human who has ever walked the earth will have no story to tell.   It will be as though we never were nor could ever be again.  The death eternal of a species.

For this reason, ancient prophecies for these times were penned with a silent plea that has echoed through the millennia.  Do you hear it?

“Please, dear children, save us all.”

This series of articles is dedicated to doing that very thing.  The next part of this article, Still Waters, is for those who are new to all this and wondering about the meaning of it all.

It offers a framework for studying these prophecies that empowers you with a way to navigate the turbulent times to come without losing hope for the future.

For old hands who have long been there and done it, feel free to skip ahead to The Second Messenger.

Still Waters

This series presents a compilation of narratives and prophecies that warn us we are about to experience catastrophic events.  The first will be a relatively benign harbinger event; however, if any subsequent prophesied events come to pass, it will be the end of life as we know it.

For those entering or in the early stages of awareness, this brutal realization can leave one staring at the moonlight shadows dancing on the ceiling with a gut-sick feeling of being bereft of ways to survive this oncoming tribulation.

All these feelings are fear-based and useless because fear is a mind-killer that robs you of distance and clarity.   How do you navigate around these negative feelings?  It begins with commitment.

Years ago, I created a definition for survival.  “Survival is not about a person, place, thing or time.  It is a state of mind.”  The point is, no matter who you are, where you are, or what you do about what is to come, only one thing matters.  In a word, commitment.

With commitment comes mindfulness, which is how you navigate away from danger with distance and clarity.

With Revelation and other prophecies, you have a map to navigate by, and here, the river of time is much like the Mississippi River.  No matter how much it changes over the years, it always reaches the same destination.

In the days of Mark Twain, when paddlewheel riverboats plied the waters of this mighty river, they depended on local River Pilots to help them avoid dangers in given areas of the river.  They are still doing it today, even with all our fantastic technology.

Yet, what makes these times different from all preceding ones through the history of The Holy Bible is that we of today have always been the intended living audience for the prophecies given by John in Revelation, with love for the survival of our kind.

We know this because all good prophecy offers a relatively benign harbinger that precedes the event with enough time for the wise to know of its coming and to take appropriate action within the time remaining.

That you are visiting this website is evidence that you are mindful of the world around you, and this article aims to help you use this precious talent to avoid misfortune.

To help you frame this in a way that can be immediately useful for the mindful, we will use a simple analogy based on America’s fabulous Mississippi River Pilots with a more personal spin.  We will trade in our massive fuel-guzzling riverboat for a time canoe, and you shall be its time pilot.

Revelation River

Let’s envision that we are navigating on the Revelation Rive, a cosmic timeline flowing across vast distances with twists, turns, channels, and tributaries.

As with all great rivers within Creation, it will go where it goes, and when you navigate its waters, you are restrained within the breadth of its banks.  Therefore, the wise thing to do is to learn how to navigate within it through good times and bad.

Now, let’s imagine a good time.

It is summer, the water level is high, and the river flows gently.  As you carry your time canoe down the boat ramp, happy families race around you down the ramp with their inner tubes to enjoy a comfortable downstream float.

Beautiful days such as this are precious for many reasons, one being that it is an excellent time to get acquainted with your craft’s handling characteristics and go along with the flow as you enjoy the view.

Hold on to these precious memories, for in the march of time, a dark time comes.  The water will be treacherously low, and once inconsequential, things are now deadly.  With such challenging conditions, only a few canoers stand ready to ply.

They will know that riding with the current as though the water is high invites dire consequences, such as getting caught up in the overhang, running aground, or capsizing in the middle of a boulder field.

How will the wise navigate the river in these dangerous conditions?

With the mindful common sense of a time pilot, know your piece of the river from bank to bank and as far as the eye can see, and paddle in still waters whenever you can.

Do this alone, and you are the master of your fate, within limits.  However, paddle with someone of a like mind, and you can raise the boundaries of what is possible—more than enough to make a difference.

To illustrate the example, let’s use a young couple.  We’ll call our canoers Charlie and Nadia.

What happens to their survival odds when they work together as a team?   They become formidable, and here is why.

Balance is essential; Nadia is in the bow, and Charlie, the big brute, is in the stern.  His strengths are that he has a knack for land navigation and the upper body strength for bursts of speed.

Nadia, in the bow, is the perfect lookout.  Her Spidey sense for potential dangers is more sensitive than the typical man’s.  It gives her a natural advantage as a time navigator because she can sense what is yet to be revealed.  Need proof?

Consider this.  During WWII, the Soviet Army used women as snipers.  Not because they needed them to replace the men who would normally do it but because the women proved to be better at it than men.  Ask Nazis serving on the Eastern Front what they feared, and of often mention, was a bitch with a gun.

The point is that survival is not about roles.  It is about strengths, which is why teamwork is essential when navigating time.  With practice, team members will learn to anticipate each other, and in decisive moments, the quickness of a knowing nod or look can mean the difference between life and death.

Survival technology is essential.  Does the canoe used make a difference?   Necessary question, but let’s be honest.  A $6,000 handmade cedar strip canoe is a joy to handle, and you’re not likely to see many of them, let alone own one.

You’ll likely settle for a garage sale, with a polyethylene rental canoe costing $350—a scuffed-up scale model of the Queen Mary with similar sluggish handling and a deep draft.

So what?  It makes no difference.    Charlie and Nadia are an effective team.

Like the Marines say, they will “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.” They’ll master this new vessel and learn how to use its strengths to maximum advantage because survival is a state of mind.  It is not about how much you pay for a canoe.

Now you have a time canoe and, thanks to Revelation and other prophecies, a map to navigate by.  Before pushing off, take a moment to sit on the river bank and contemplate the journey ahead.  Here is where you take out your maps for a high-level view.

The Revelation River is like any other river system with tributaries, branches, twists, turns, and so forth, and there will hazards along the way.  Those with white waters and steep falls are the primary concern, and as a time pilot, you know that one way to avoid those hazards while within the river system is to be mindful of side channels called chutes and oxbows.

The Chutes leave the main channel before a big bend in the river and rejoin it on the other side of the bend.  A chute not only gets you downstream faster but is also sheltered from hazards in the bend of the main channel by a natural bank.

Oxbows leave the main channel and create extended bends in the river.  While they are the longer route, like a chute, an oxbow is also sheltered by a natural bank from hazards in the main channel.

With that, here is a quick time pilot review:

  • Commit yourself
  • Be Mindful
  • Build team cohesion with like-minded others.
  • Know the dangers ahead.
  • Use chutes and oxbows to navigate clear of catastrophic timeline events.

As for the rest, the universe operates on a need-to-know basis.  When you need to know, you’ll see if you bother to look.  That’s the basics.

Congratulations, you’ve graduated the course without a student loan and are ready to launch your time canoe into the waters of the Revelation River.

Heads up, this will be a time of low waters and great dangers, so as I unpack the data correlations for Revelation 8:8-9, take note of the risks ahead and use teamwork to stay clear of them.  What does this get you?

This is your silver lining in all this dark business, my friend because now you know where to paddle.

Let’s go downriver.

The Second Messenger

This series is based on the prophecies of Revelation and their correlations with other wisdom texts such as The Kolbrin Bible.  As researchers, JP Jones and I are objective seekers of truth.

For spiritual interpretations of Bible prophecy, we defer to theologians because, with regard to eschatology, we do not have a dog in the fight.  Remember Sargent Friday of Dragnet.  “Just the facts, Ma’am.”  That’s us, so let’s start with the facts.  Please note the BOLD metaphors below.

7 and the first messenger did sound, and there came hail and fire, mingled with blood, and it was cast to the land, and the third of the trees was burnt up, and all the green grass was burnt up.

8 And the second messenger did sound, and as it were a great mountain with fire burning was cast into the sea, and the third of the sea became blood,

9 and die did the third of the creatures that [are] in the sea, those having life, and the third of the ships were destroyed.

With Revelation 8:7-9 we see that Earth is entering the Nemesis Constellation Cloud, which surrounds this small brown dwarf star, a companion to our own Sol.  The critical metaphors are:

  • FIRE: This is due to the ablation of the meteorites as they enter and pass through the earth’s atmosphere. Also, the other elements within the meteorites, such as phosphorus, are likely why they burn all the way to the ground.
  • BLOOD: This metaphor unlocks Revelation 8:7. Upon entering the Nemesis Cloud, we will encounter a lot of iron oxide.  It is a blood-red pigment and water-soluble.  It will turn surface waters red and poison life in the water and those creatures on the land who depend on them.
  • CAST: We see the same use of this metaphor with cast to the land and cast into the sea. Casting suggests that these objects appear to be thrown with force, so these are seen traveling at high speed, which confirms extraterrestrial origin.  Also, something cast is often aimed.
  • GREAT MOUNTAIN: The term “great mountain” is used by climbers to describe incredibly challenging mountains, such as the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps.  Here, Great Mountain describes a stony-iron asteroid the size of a small mountain with similar features.
  • THIRD: This metaphor gives us a sense of global scale.   This significant saltwater deep impact event spans the earth’s ocean with a massive loss of sea life and shipping.    

Revelation 8:7 is the initial benign event in this series of prophecies.  At this time, the Nemesis cloud will pelt the earth with fiery meteorites and iron oxide.

Like our Oort Cloud, Nemesis also has a leftover ball of debris created due to its inception.  We call it the Nemesis Cloud, which is profusely inundated with iron oxide and other debris.

The “great mountain” of Revelation 8:8 refers to a massive asteroid.  John describes a deep-impact event of such magnitude that it destroys a third of the sea life and a third of shipping in a global catastrophic event.

Prophecy Analysis

The only difficulty with Revelation 8 is its brevity.  The predictions are precise.  No round holes with square pegs.  Everything fits–tight.  We wish there were more of it, which brings us back to the words we already have.  We use Young’s Literal Translation 1898 version of the Holy Bible because while other versions offer different ways to enjoy the work, this is the best version for pure research.

JP Jones led the science connections, which freed me to pursue a question of personal interest.

The Holy Bible is truly inspired by God.  The Egyptian defeat during Exodus inspired the Kolbrin Bible.  Both were eyewitness accounts penned by survivors with different points of view.

However, Revelation is different because it speaks not about the past but the future.  Consequently, we ask, while we can read the words of John, how did they initially form in his mind?  As an author, publisher, and psychic, that was my lead.

The future was revealed to John through the Akashic records, and such experiences can overload the mind with 3-D IMAX clarity, especially when viewing future catastrophic timelines.   It was no doubt horrifying for him.

As an author, I’m deeply impressed that he had the presence of mind to remember critical details so he could shrink this vast multi-dimensional experience to fit within the narrow two-dimensional domain of language and still survive the test of time.

Reading it as a publisher, I see another pattern.  In Revelation 8, John’s two-dimensional translation of his experience is lucid and clear and with scientific precision no less.

However, in Revelation 9, the change in writing voice and style indicates a different author or an author who has become slightly overwhelmed by his experience.

With John, the consistency of the predictions in Revelation 8 indicates the latter.

This finding posed a completely new question.  Is there a direct link between what disturbs John in Revelation 9 and the Great Mountain of Revelation 8?

Once again, the search was on for a clue, which popped up in Revelation 9.


5 and it was given to them that they may not kill them, but that they may be tormented five months

This mention of five months is uniquely specific because, in Revelation 9, John begins by describing a horrific alien invasion.  And yet, the torment will only last five months.  Why?

Why just five months with something as massive as a planetary invasion with superior technology, and what could possibly stop or significantly interrupt the critical mass of such an onslaught?

Deep Impact

Now, the search was on to find the disrupter and to find new clues.  You seek out old friends and the input of others, and Brenda, a dear old friend, told me I had already found it, and she pointed it out to me., August 11, 2023
Revelation 8:7 and Planet X – The Blood

Revelation 8:7 and Planet X – The BloodSince 2017, it has yielded a reliable statistical view of the cloud surrounding the Nemesis brown dwarf companion star to Sol, with its multiple bands and gaps.

Thanks to this discovery process, we can see that Revelation describes the bloody misery to rain upon Planet Earth with impeccable prescience, such that everything connects–perfectly.

However, such clear connections are not always possible with other prophetic scriptures.  For example, a widespread concern that Revelation 9 describes CERN being used to open a cosmic portal through which demons descend upon us like locusts in a horrific alien invasion.

What is noteworthy about that is that the prophecies of Revelation 8 must occur before those of Revelation 9 can begin.  For this reason, Revelation 9 stays in the TBD column for now, but Revelation 8 is spot-on and straight ahead.  We’re talking near future.

Then Brenda said five days after CERN opens the portal, the Great Mountain of Revelation 8:8 will be cast into the sea to destroy CERN and close the portal.

Suddenly, that pulled years of work together in a well-defined mosaic dating back to 2013.

That was a big year for me.  After seeing Planet X with my eyes via a live HD webcam feed from the Turrialba Volcano on December 26, 2012, we started an observation team with gigabits of recordings in early 2013.  After that, I began work on my book, Being In It for the Species.

It is a channeled work, and the Guides gave us a harbinger of an event that will occur before Revelation 8:7.   It is a massive volcanic eruption in the Western Pacific and will fill the skies with ash.  Aviation and farming will be impacted.  This harbinger event happens during the wintertime.

Below are excerpts of the reading with Carlos, a Guide.

Being In It for the Species
Destiny Comes to Those Who Listen and Fate Finds the Rest
Authored Channeling with Carlos, Page 28 (Excerpts)

Being In It for the Species: The Universe SpeaksWhat remains to be seen for humanity are signs of momentous change.  Occurrences so dire and unusual they command the focus of even the most reluctant souls.

This event shall be volcanic eruption in the Western Pacific ocean region of the planet.  It will send great plumes of ash into the atmosphere that will disrupt the weather and the comings and goings of humankind in profound and noticeable ways.  Commerce and trade, along with air travel and security will be impacted as a consequence.

In this time, visitations of travelers from other worlds will increase significantly.  Friends and foes alike will see this unshackling of human spirits.  Some will embrace it, others will not.  Those who will not will seek to suppress it and to keep shackled a species, which serves their material and ecological interests.

Of both kinds will come warnings of a calamitous event to befall inhabitants of earth in the spring following the eruption in the Western Pacific.  It will be an impact event in the eastern Atlantic that will lay waste to the shores of many nations bordering this great ocean.  Spain, France and America shall bear the worst of this, though nations beyond the borders of these shall see consequences as well.  Shorelines are devastated and major rivers will reverse and flood inland empires without mercy.

The force of this asteroid will drive through the middle earth into the Western region of the Pacific North of the islands of Japan and into the lands adjoining Russia and China.  The force will turn southward reaching the shores of Antarctica and will rebound backwards into the region known as the Ring of fire.  Day after day will see events helter-skelter along these Pacific shorelines, and inland for many miles as well.

When we researched this book, we worked with a team of Guides, and the others were very precise about the actual impact location of the asteroid and what would happen after that.  All this is explained and illustrated in detail in my video series, Anunnaki Invasion + Ground Zero and the Obliteration of NATO.

The critical point of that series is that we first see a false flag alien invasion, followed by an actual alien invasion.

Therefore, when we return to Revelation 9:5, and the curious time limitation of five months, this brings us back to Brenda and her belief that five days after CERN opens the portal, the Great Mountain of Revelation 8:8 will be cast into the sea to destroy CERN and close the portal.

When the Guides gave us this prediction in 2013, it didn’t make sense, but we did not judge the material and published it as given.   In the book Being In It for the Species, this is all explained in detail, and when we did our research with the Guides, the vector they gave us for the deep-impact event used two different cities.

I reviewed our notes from those readers and created a new vector for the purpose of this Revelation 8:8 analysis regarding CERN.

The vectors for the impact site and the CERN Power Source are:

  • 800 Miles due West of CERN
  • 1200 Miles due North of La Palma
  • CERN Power Source, French Utility Grid

The Guides told us this impactor would travel from West to East before impacting in the Eastern Atlantic.   Therefore, it can be concluded this is a multi-mission attack as follows:

  1. Destroy CERN and French power grid with impact ejecta
  2. Destroy terrestrial subsea fiber communications.
  3. Eliminate European Colonial power areas with Tsunamis.

Further, it begs another difficult question.  What are the odds of such a precise asteroid hit such as this?  Miniscule, to say the least, but more importantly, assuming this is a guided asteroid weapon, as I explain in my video series, Anunnaki Invasion + Ground Zero and the Obliteration of NATO, what would be the reason they use it, and what does that tell us about their intentions?

They use it as a surprise attack.  With one blow, they devastate CERN, close the portal, and eviscerate NATO, and America gets hammered hard.   Given that Russia is primarily spared the consequences of this attack, it would appear the Anunnaki are coming in on the side of the Russians.

So why?

On one hand, it could be for a noble reason; on the other, it’s a good old-fashioned turf war.  Either way, it’s better than lurching past the five-day cap.  With that, let’s summarize the possible sequence of events discussed so far:

  1. First Harbinger: Massive wintertime volcanic eruption.  Being
  2. Second Harbinger: UFO activity. Good and bad.  False flag invasion.  Being
  3. Third Harbinger: Iron oxide and meteorites from the Nemesis Cloud (Revelation 8:7)
  4. Revelation 9: CERN opens a portal for Alien invasion (Revelation 9)
  5. Impact Event: Five days later, the Alien asteroid attack destroys NATO and closes the CERN portal. (Revelation 8:8 and Being)

Given that this series of predictions begins with a volcanic eruption in the Western Pacific, we could be with months of this occurring or not because according to the Guides in Being, Nemesis will be in Taurus when it reaches perihelion, and this is when it will become a significant fixture in our sky.  The Guides tell us this will be the beginning of the dark times, which gives us a relative date range of December through June.

Now, will that be this year or next?  We’ll know when we get there, and we will get there because the prophecy of The Kolbrin Bible tells us so.

The Kolbrin Bible: 21st Century Master Edition

The Kolbrin Bible: 21st Century Master EditionManuscripts 3:7  Thus it was in the Days of Heavenly Wrath, which have gone and thus it will be in the Days of Doom when it comes again.  The times of its coming and going are known unto the wise.  These are the signs which shall precede the Destroyers return: A hundred and ten generations shall pass into the west and nations will rise and fall.  Men will fly in the air as birds and swim in the seas as fishes.  Men will talk peace one with another; hypocrisy and deceit shall have their day.  Women will be as men and men as women; passion will be a plaything of man.

One way or another, it’s coming, and dear time pilots, after all this good news, you must feel the urge to beach your canoes and get blind drunk on white lightning.  I sure would, but then again, I happened upon something better celebrated with champagne last year, and I want to leave you with that.

Pushing the Power of Love to the Next Level

As time pilots, we all navigate our little area of the Revelation River, and when we do as bonded teams, we can affect our fate for the better in many ways.

Then again, we must go where the river goes, and if that destination is a barren wasteland, it’s all the worse for us; nonetheless, try we must.

But consider this: What if millions join us, yea billions, of brothers and sisters worldwide in common purpose to free our species from the depredations and exploitations of those who have long held us in shackles?

How could we, the little guys, throw off the shackles of slavery to become a free and enlightened species and be welcomed by other benign species?

It’s about changing the timeline.  As individuals, we’re not that powerful, but our Creator has put these challenges before us to teach us the power of choice and what we can do collectively when we choose the same thing together.

Interestingly enough, the Guardians of the Looking Glass saw that future timeline.  I document this in my two videos videos:

The Guardians also saw many negative timelines and were horrific to behold, but they did describe this one golden bright future, and here is an excerpt from their manuscript.

Guardians of the Looking Glass, Mar 17, 2022
The 2030 Singularity – Two Timelines, One Outcome

The positive outcome, as it was shown, results in the total and complete destruction of the current power structure.  Those in power saw their future in the positive timeline, and they were terrified of it.  They would end up mostly homeless, without money or power.  All of it is stripped away.  Once the positive timeline completes, and the cosmic event occurs, humanity by the year 2030 has almost entirely reversed course.

We could see that the economy had completely changed, as individual habits changed, as the positive outcome became more likely.  Fast food companies went out of business, as did Wal-Mart, Apple, Netflix and Amazon, and countless other destructive, negative companies.  Viewership of many network shows dropped to nearly zero.  Use of Facebook and other social media platforms dropped to nearly zero.  Billions of people stopped paying taxes, and stopped using banks.  Governments were starved of finances.  Individuals became rich in wealth, as new revenue streams emerged, completely disconnected from the fiat money system.  Many people began growing their own food, and formed small, community governments, often no more than a few hundred people in size.

In the positive timeline, humanity, as whole, did not fight the system, they simply stopped participating in it entirely.

Each individual began to make a decision to reject negative habits, and the negative system in place, and instead began to make more positive choices in their lives.

Think about it: time pilots.  You chose to be here for what God, the Creator of all, wants for us.  To master our free will by learning to make better choices.  To know that when the obstacles to freedom will not go away, you go around or over them.  Never surrender.

I firmly believe that the prophecies are given to us so that we may live and were not cast in stone.  God made us as co-creators, and if we are to be worthy children, we need to come together as brothers and sisters and change our world together through the power of love and a commitment to making positive choices.

Wouldn’t it be something if we all came together one day to send God a simple message?

“Father, you can take the trainer wheels off now.  We’ve got this.”

We can do this.  We really can.

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