Revelation 8:10-11 and Planet X – WormwoodThe most pivotal prophecy in Revelation 8:10-11 is about a star named Wormwood.  Some believe it will impact the Earth.  In truth, it will not, but it will be fateful for billions nonetheless.

A quick review.  We began this series with Revelation 8:7 and Planet X – The Blood, where we see a harbinger event of “hail and fire, mingled with blood.”

These meteorite showers will strike in isolated patches across the globe.  Their onset will happen quickly, like a summer rain, and fade away.  Primarily viewed as an oddity by the mainstream, most will ignore this harbinger warning and woe to them.

After this, humanity will be trapped between a rock and a hard place.  The rock will be the Nemesis Constellation and the hard place, the murderous, elite-captured governments of the world.  That is, if we lose this ultimate war of good vs. evil.

Then, in Revelation 8:8-9 and Planet X – The Mountain, an asteroid impact creates death and destruction for many.  This brutal, deep-impact event will affect many regions of the world.  As with Revelation 8:7, some will be affected and others not.

However, 8:10-11 will be very different, and once it begins, everything changes.

Why 8:10-11 is Different

Humanity is about to begin a process of natural selection the ancients called “The Great Winnowing.”  As the term implies, the chaff is separated from the wheat.

The Great Winnowing is a gentle way to express the one-and-only law of survival for all sentient species.  If you’re stupid, you deserve to die.

When Revelation 8:10 begins,

Yes, it’s brutal, but that’s the way it is, and as warriors say, we must “embrace the suck” because life is for the living.

Once Revelation 8:10 begins, clever deniers will realize they’ve used up their remaining chances–all too late.  But, by the grace of God, humanity’s eventual fate will be in the hands of a stouthearted few, and they will prevail.

The time is coming when the stouthearted flee the cities and leave the insanity behind them. We’ll talk more about that in another article, but for now, the critical issue is what makes this particular scripture different.  Here it is.

The events prophesied in Revelation 8:7 will affect some parts of the world while others remain unaffected.   Some will see it as a fulfilled harbinger that precedes a decade or more of suffering and will begin organizing permanent underground survival communities.

After the Great Mountain impact event of Revelation 8:8, support for positive action will galvanize the survivors, primarily in the affected regions.

Many will assume the danger has passed and resume life as before.  This assumption will be their undoing because Revelation 8:10-11 will be a slow grinding hell for everyone living above ground, and only after enough have died will there come the worst of it.

As we understand the full scope of these prophecies, a prominent, horrible picture forms, and as a result, many will lose the will to live and perish due to hopeless resignation.

Nonetheless, one must never give up hope and question everything, but given that I am not a Christian, why do I believe in Revelation 8?   In a word.  Empathy.

Revelation 8 Will Not Be Denied

As a Planet X researcher, author, publisher, and psychic, I honor those who read the Holy Bible with sincere faith.  God is always a steady hand on the tiller.

As I have previously stated, I am not a Christian, and in terms of eschatology, I do not have a dog in this fight.  I follow the truth and the facts and believe in John and his prophecies for other reasons.  The first is science.  Because I’m a trends guy, let’s pose a hypothetical to determine the degree of risk.

What odds will a bookie give that Revelation 8 comes to pass, and how is this calculated?

Two real-world possibilities come to mind.

Traditional Method: The bookmakers employ odds compilers and analysts to help them formulate their survival markets and correctly assess the probability of every outcome.   The key to their method is metadata: data that describes other data.


Fleeing Rat Method:  Offer a million-to-one; it will not happen, and collect the bets as fast as you can.  Then, use that money to build and stockpile a shelter and hunker down.  After the dust settles, who will be left to collect their winnings?  But enough of this denial cleverness.  Let’s focus on why I find John to be credible.

While Revelation 9 is still TBD, Revelation 8 is scientifically accurate; it was not enough to make me believe.  As I researched, I realized a profound empathy for the man himself, and here is my account of why that came to be.

The Biters

After we published Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide in 2007, I was able to turn my attention back to research.  That was when I found a brilliant article about Nobel laureates who secretly explored the paranormal for answers.  I thought to myself, why not?

I formed a team to work with talented psychics to channel entities for research into the future.  I was the lead and interviewer, Jacco van der Worp, MSc.  Handled science questions, and Janice Manning provided cross-examination questions.  With the team ready to go, I prayed for psychic volunteers.

As a psychic, I employ the law of attraction as an effective outreach and knowledge tool to attract help for a noble project.  Be patient and mindful; your help will come through synchronicity or divine appointment.

It begins when you ask for help with a clear intention.

In this manner, I found a quiet moment, sat in a comfortable chair, and contemplated my request to formulate a vision of success.  When it all came together, I humbly asked for psychics to help us conduct our study.  Then, I went about my business, giving it no more thought.

A week later, an email popped up, the first of several impressive volunteers, and we conducted numerous interviews over eighteen months.  I would bring the psychic into the Skype call using their landline and silently chat with Jacco and Janice, who were both muted.

Our initial work on essential matters, such as the orbit of the Nemesis Constellation, aka Planet X, was very fruitful.  Rebecca, our first psychic channel, had several Guides, and her principal one was Rowena of the Elohim.  This encounter was fortuitous because Rowena explained how the Nemesis brown dwarf star moves on two axes and other essential aspects of its orbit.

Her gift of knowledge would prove to be decisive years later.  On December 26, 2012, I observed Nibiru, the third major planet in orbit around Nemesis, via a live HD webcam feed from atop the Turrialba Volcano in Costa Rica at 10,000’.

Nibiru would appear each day near sunset for approximately fifteen minutes and disappear, consistent with viewing objects near or behind the sun.

Thanks to what Rowena explained to us years earlier, I knew what to do at the start.  I formed a new observation team, and we captured Nibiru each day for nearly three months.

Once we began publishing our findings, the US government ruined the Turrialba feed, ending our efforts.   However, by then, we already had enough data to extrapolate the orbit of Nemesis using our observations of Nibiru.

In 2015, I published that orbit in my book, Surviving the Planet X Tribulation: There Is Strength in Numbers.   As we track current observations on social media sites, that 2015 orbit stands to this day.  We got it right the first time, thanks to Rowena.

This phase of the study proved to be a huge success, and so we pushed on to the next with timeline interviews.  It started intensely, and then suddenly, we hit a wall like nothing we had encountered that far.  We called it “the biters.”

The first time this happened, it was with Rebecca.  Dumb luck that.

Things started as usual, and then I instructed her to go forward on the tribulation timeline and report on what she observed and experienced.  We had already covered many troubling timeline events and were expecting the same.

A courageous viewer, she did, and the scene she described was in a small town in the East of the country.  She could tell that by the architecture.  Every structure was damaged, and a layer of ash was everywhere.

From her viewing point, she was looking down the centerline of a city street at dusk.  To her right, a man in his fifties was walking towards her.   She said he was thin, wore a mask, had gardening gloves on, and wore one shirt over the other with the collars closed.

On the other side of the street, she saw a young man walking away from her, and after he was beyond the older man, he spun back around towards him, and this is when Rebecca saw his face.

She was taken aback and exclaimed, “He has scary black doll eyes, like those of a shark, and no emotion.”   Sadly, she was ill-prepared for what happened next.

The young man increased his pace to a fast walk, and the moment he was within reach of the older man, he took hold of his arm and bit out a large piece of the man’s bicep with his teeth.  The older man immediately went into shock and fell limply to the ground.

At this point, we were concerned about a possible cannibal scene and were relieved when she said the biter lost interest in the older man and walked away.  Thankful for that, I instructed her to close the channel and clear herself.

A few moments later, she told us she was horrified by the experience because she had just become a young grandmother.  The biter she observed would be the approximate age of her grandson at that time.

While she offered to continue, I thanked her for her work and released her from the study so the passage of time would help this memory fade.

With our next psychic, we returned to the timeline, assuming that what Rebecca saw was a one-off event.  To our deep regret, that was not the case.

We did channel interviews with three more psychics; the result was always the same: biters.  When they mentioned the black-eyed biters, we immediately stopped the interview and released them from the study with heartfelt thanks.

Realizing we could not get past these black-eyed biters, we ended our study in 2008, and there was never a mention of them for fourteen years.

Then, a year ago.  A physician told me others were asking her about the black-eyed babies being born of vaccinated mothers these days.

Treating physicians were telling her that these children were oddly cool and detached.  However, of particular concern is that grown men feel uncomfortable in their presence.  It was disturbing for these physicians.

How could we have known about the vaccine in 2008, when Rebecca first saw a black-eyed biter?  Yet here we are today, and now we know.  This is how prophecies work.

The point is that the future holds horrible timelines and events, and when someone uses their psychic powers to explore the future, they often behold unseeable and disturbing things.

In Revelation 8, John’s use of metaphors is precise and helps build a coherent timeline of events.  I would assume that the vision of the first four messengers was given in one day.  The other three messengers of Revelation 9 occurred the following day or shortly thereafter.

I observed with John’s writing voice in Revelation 9 that the experience overwhelmed him, and the evil chaos of what he beheld was evident in his writing voice.  It was Rebecca all over again and I could see that John was pushed past his limits in Revelation 9.

This lends immense gravitas to the prophecies of Revelation 8 because this is precisely the kind of thing that happens with overwhelming psychic experiences.

When I read Revelation 8 and 9 together, I see the work product of a gifted psychic who has received a horrific vision of the future and is doing his best to grapple with it.

Therefore, because the science fits and my biter experience wth Rebecca, I empathize with John and believe him.  He saw true.

Like you, I, too, hope for this river of time to be gentle, and it often is.  But then, these shall be the times that try men’s souls, so let’s examine the scriptures.

Wormwood and Fountains

In this series, each article will present the metaphors used in Revelation 8, from 8:7 forward.

Revelation 8 YLT98

7 and the first messenger did sound, and there came hail and fire, mingled with blood, and it was cast to the land, and the third of the trees was burnt up, and all the green grass was burnt up.

8 And the second messenger did sound, and as it were a great mountain with fire burning was cast into the sea, and the third of the sea became blood,

9 and die did the third of the creatures that [are] in the sea, those having life, and the third of the ships were destroyed.

10 And the third messenger did sound, and there fell out of the heaven a great star, burning as a lamp, and it did fall upon the third of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters,

11 and the name of the star is called Wormwood, and the third of the waters doth become Wormwood, and many of the men did die of the waters, because they were made bitter.

This article adds four new metaphors to the list with 8:10-11.

Metaphor Analysis

With Revelation 8:7-9 we see that Earth is entering the Nemesis Constellation Cloud, which surrounds this small brown dwarf star, a companion to our own Sol.  The critical metaphors in order of appearance are:

  • FIRE: This is due to the ablation of the meteorites as they enter and pass through the Earth’s atmosphere. Also, the other elements within the meteorites, such as phosphorus, are likely why they burn all the way to the ground.
  • BLOOD: This metaphor unlocks Revelation 8:7. Upon entering the Nemesis Cloud, we will encounter a lot of iron oxide.  It is a blood-red pigment and water-soluble.  It will turn surface waters red and poison life in the water and those creatures on the land who depend on them.
  • CAST: We see the same use of this metaphor with cast to the land and cast into the sea. Casting suggests that these objects appear to be thrown with force, so these are seen traveling at high speed, which confirms extraterrestrial origin.  Also, something cast is often aimed.
  • GREAT MOUNTAIN: The term “great mountain” is used by climbers to describe incredibly challenging mountains, such as the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps.  Here, Great Mountain describes a stony-iron asteroid the size of a small mountain with similar features.
  • THIRD: This metaphor gives us a sense of global scale.   This significant saltwater deep impact event spans the Earth’s ocean with a massive loss of sea life and shipping.    
  • FELL: This metaphor differs from CAST in significant ways.  Something cast will accelerate faster than the speed of gravity, whereas when it falls, the acceleration is due to gravity.
  • FOUNTAINS: This metaphor describes underground aquafers as vast subterranean lakes.  The metaphor “fountains of waters” refers to the natural springs and artesian wells known in those times.
  • WORMWOOD: Wormwood is a bitter-tasting plant used for centuries for medicinal purposes and is widely available at health food stores and online in essential oils, pills, and liquid extracts.
  • BITTER: Revelation explicitly uses the “bitter” metaphor and is consistent with similar metaphor usage in other scriptures.

 It is important to note that Wormwood is also associated with the Project Wormwood Learmonth Solar Observatory on the North West Cape of Australia.  Such an observatory could be credited with the discovery of Nemesis.

While this explanation is arguable, what is not is the pairing of two more meaningful metaphors, Wormwood and bitter.

It is likewise vital to note that the fountain metaphor is used consistently in Genesis, Proverbs, and Revelation.

Genesis 7 YLT98

11 In the six hundredth year of the life of Noah, in the second month, in the seventeenth day of the month, in this day have been broken up all fountains of the great deep, and the net-work of the heavens hath been opened,

Note how this scripture from Genesis references the fountains and heavens metaphors together so one can understand them.  Then, Proverbs 8.

Proverbs 8

28 In His strengthening clouds above, In His making strong fountains of the deep,

Again, the fountains and heaven [cloud] metaphor connection.  This is a critical metaphor so keep it in mind.  To illustrate the point, consider the coming plight of Las Vegas, NV.

Wormwood Mud Flats

Once Revelation 8:10 is fulfilled, Las Vegas will likely be the first major city to experience anarchy and cannibalism because it depends on Lake Mead for water and power.   After Revelation 8:10-11 starts, it will be a foul and bitter mass of blood-red mud and ooze, and they will call it the Wormwood Mud Flats.

Assuming a return to good governance after the globalist communist elites and their Fourth Reich minions have been overthrown, what could a government for the people do for the people?

In this case, how could the Patriots save the people in Las Vegas?

We sometimes forget that God already worked miracles for these times thousands of years ago.  Miracles within our bodies to survive these awful plagues, and miracles within our Earth as well.

Forty-five miles South of Las Vegas in the high deserts of California is such a miracle.  A small town called Nipton.  Its claim to fame is selling California lottery tickets to Nevadans.  A place you usually pass through since the lockdowns.

However, something else is passing through Nipton.  A working rail line and so happens, this minuscule curio pit stop in the high desert of California sits atop what could be considered a vast, deep, underground freshwater sea 400’ down and all there for the pumping.

Patriots could build multiple pumping stations alongside the tracks in Nipton.   Then, fill mile-long freight trains with tank cars with sweet, delicious water for all those poor, thirsty, suffering souls in Las Vegas.

That is what happens when a government works for the people and not against them.  If you want to survive Planet X, Trump is your guy.  Why?  The prophecies in Revelation 8 will begin to occur soon, and the suffering will last a decade or longer.  And now it is about percentages.

Right now, we are facing a double-barreled shotgun of pain.  In one barrel, a brown dwarf star, and in the other, a pack of globalist psychopaths.  If the Patriots win and stop our Fourth Reich government from killing us and nothing more, we’ll have one less cause of death to worry about.  Anything above that will be pure gravy.  In terms of the odds, I’ll take it.

Beyond that, I have often seen visions of blue skies and the taste of sweet waters once again, and I am not alone.  Life will continue, but this generation survives this, like the ancients, will know the horror of the Destroyer and that it will return once again, as it has in the past.

But is it sure to come again?  Really?

Oh yes, and if you’ve been clinging to any last threads of doubt, here comes the scissors.

Return of the Destroyer

The Kolbrin Bible: 21st Century Master EditionThe prophecies of Revelation 8 describe aspects of the star the Hebrews called Wormwood.  It is called Wormwood because of the way it makes water bitter.

In The Kolbrin Bible, the ancient Egyptians called Wormwood the Destroyer and documented how it appeared during Noah’s Flood and Exodus.

Please keep in mind that no two flybys of the Nemesis Constellation (Planet X) are ever the same.

With that in mind, let’s begin with the flood accounts found in the second book of The Kolbrin Bible, called Gleanings, as discussed in Revelation 8:7 and Planet X – The Blood.

This Egyptian deluge account corroborates the Genesis account of the Holy Bible, and in this part of the flood tale passage, King Sisuda and his host have just boarded the ark.

Here is what they witnessed in the sky:

The Kolbrin Bible: 21st Century Master Edition
Book of Gleanings

GLN:4:24 Then, with the dawning, men saw an awesome sight.  There, riding on a great black rolling cloud, came the Destroyer, newly released from the confines of the sky vaults, and she raged about the Heavens, for it was her day of judgement.  The beast with her opened its mouth and belched forth fire, hot stones and a vile smoke.  It covered the whole sky above and the meeting place of Earth and Heaven could no longer be seen.

In Scrolls, the third book of The Kolbrin Bible, the Egyptians predict its return after the deluge narrative described in the previous book, which did occur during Exodus.

The Kolbrin Bible: 21st Century Master Edition
Book of Scrolls

SCL:33:9 The Rakima watches in silence; patiently it sits, waiting for the day of the Destroyer.  It will come in a hundred generations, as is written in the Great Vault.

Here is what the Egyptians and the Hebrews witnessed during Exodus as described in Manuscripts, the fifth book of The Kolbrin Bible:

The Kolbrin Bible: 21st Century Master Edition
Book of Manuscripts

MAN:5:1 The Doomshape, called the Destroyer, in Egypt, was seen in all the lands thereabouts.  In colour, it was bright and fiery; in appearance, changing and unstable.  It twisted about itself like a coil, like water bubbling into a pool from an underground supply, and all men agree it was a most fearsome sight.  It was not a great comet or a loosened star, being more like a fiery body of flame.

Previously, after the Deluge, the Egyptians gave a prediction for its return, and it did during Exodus.  Following Exodus, the Egyptians give another prediction for its next return in Manuscripts, the fifth book of The Kolbrin Bible.

The Kolbrin Bible: 21st Century Master Edition
Book of Manuscripts

MAN:3:7 Thus it was in the Days of Heavenly Wrath, which have gone, and thus it will be in the Days of Doom when it comes again.  The times of its coming and going are known unto the wise.  These are the signs and times which shall precede the Destroyer’s return: A hundred and ten generations shall pass into the West, and nations will rise and fall.

Not only do the ancient Egyptians warn us of the Destroyer’s return in our times, in what almost reads like an afterthought to the narrative, they tell us that Earth has endured numerous encounters with the Destroyer.

The Kolbrin Bible: 21st Century Master Edition
Book of Manuscripts

MAN:33:5 My land is old, a hundred and twenty generations have passed through it since Osireh brought light to men.  Four times, the stars have moved to new positions, and twice the sun has changed the direction of his journey.  Twice, the Destroyer has struck Earth and three times the Heavens have opened and shut.  Twice, the land has been swept clean by water.

Arguably, this tells us that there are five known previous flybys, thousands of years apart.  Three were on the magnitude of Exodus, and two were far worse because they were pole-shift events.  We’ll discuss this more later in this series.

The point here is that the Destroyer is coming.  Whether you accept that fact or not does not change what will be, and so one question remains.

The Kolbrin Bible: 21st Century Master Edition
Book of Manuscripts

MAN:3:1 Men forget the days of the Destroyer.  Only the wise know where it went and that it will return in its appointed hour.

Now, you are privy to the knowledge of the wise Dear Reader.  Use it well.

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