A crop circle in Italy warned us about the upcoming October 14th, 2023 eclipse. Other formations and prophecies suggest that the “Big One” is happening now. You can see it all around you.

David will be hosting a Global Peace Meditation to help offset the awesome energies of this conjunction, and give you practical tips on how to avoid and circumvent the emotional upheavals it causes.

David is finally free to do shows like this again after finishing all seven of the Michael Prophecies books — the ultimate cosmic homework assignment!

The books already contain prophecies about what is happening now, as you will soon see. Israel was mentioned multiple times, beginning in Book One. We will go through some of them in the show.

In addition, David has just released an entire 11-part course, Sacred Science of the Michael Prophecies!

The runtime of Sacred Science is approximately 10.5 hours — and there are many hundreds of dazzling slides with motion graphics.

The course is shot with six cinematic camera angles — seven if you include the slides. Everything looks and sounds gorgeous. Sacred Science has a documentary film level of quality throughout the entire series.

David takes you through an invigorating thrill ride that covers the science in all seven books, and goes far beyond them to tie in many other angles — including Time-Traveling Dinosaurs and ET Sasquatch.

Insider Chris Beskar gives a “Cosmic Peer Review” by comparing these very exciting new revelations with what he personally knew and witnessed on the inside in various classified aerospace projects.

Sacred Science will change how you think and see the world forever. It is the greatest, most integrated and amazing presentation of David’s body of work to date.

Human ETs are real, they are here, and they are helping us take our planet back. By mid-2025, we will all end up developing new spiritual abilities quite spontaneously. This is a major part of the message.

David will also be releasing Spirit of the Michael Prophecies, where he goes through all seven books, summarizing the message and the prophetic highlights of each — so you never have to read any of them unless you feel inspired to — in all the free time you may soon have.

You can now access the seven books, the Sacred Science “parallel university” course, and the upcoming Spirit of the Michael Prophecies course all in one, unified package — at our standard ‘ask.’

Due to the economic conditions, we have bundled all seven books and both the Sacred Science and Spirit courses together, essentially offering the equivalent of three courses in one.

In case you end up having lots of time on your hands pretty soon (ahem,) you may be very happy to have this content on hand, ready to completely blow your mind — and explain everything you are witnessing!

Go to https://thedisclosure.com to access this offer while we are still crazy enough to do it. We may soon decide to break these courses into separate and costlier units, so be advised!

PLEASE NOTE: David does not use, sell or trade ANY crypto.

David does not invite anyone in the comments section into any form of personal interaction, email, text or telephone call. If ‘David’ is contacting you directly for any reason, it’s not David.

There are incredibly dedicated and meticulous scammers who now hit every video of every influencer, posing as them and trying to steal your cash. You can read about it in many areas.

If someone poses as David and acts like they want to talk, it’s not true. It’s a lie, hoax, grift. Don’t fall for it! David doesn’t have the time to talk to anyone, and that probably won’t change any time soon.

David also does not have a Telegram account. He only posts on his main Twitter page, @david_wilcock. Any pages posing as David on Telegram or outside Twitter or our websites and videos are fraudulent.

We have been so busy that we have not had time to do hardly any social media. I do apologize. This video is the first “act of freedom” since completing the Michael Prophecies books and Sacred Science course!

We do need your help, and greatly appreciate your support of this work. David has had to work through enormous hardship and massive-figure debt to finish these books. It is wonderful to have them done!

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