Michael Steinbacher evaluates geological formations generated during transient catastrophic episodes—some within the memory of human witnesses—in this re-release of his EU2014 Conference talk of March 22, 2014.

Plasma is electrically active and employs forces far stronger than mechanical erosion or tectonics. Was material from space and surface erosion suddenly sorted and deposited electrically to great depth—with dust, sand, gravel, rocks, boulders, coal, and oil accumulated wherever there was dry land? Could red-hot dust blown by electrically generated tornado-like winds built up strata in place—plastered against obstructions like welded material? Perhaps the origins of the Four Corners region of the American Southwest is one such instance.

As a professional photographer, Michael Steinbacher (1946-2015) was on staff for both the Miami Herald and The Daily Breeze in Los Angeles. In the 2000s, Michael amended his career becoming well-known and highly regarded for his geological theories advocating the Electric Universe Model, and the adventurous EU Geology tours he spearheaded.

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Extended slides of the Albuquerque 2014 talk

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