Michael Decon ShowLast Friday, I recorded a two-hour interview with Michael Decon. Before we started, he told me before starting that our previous interview three weeks ago, The Red Kachina Arrived! Major Earth Changes Ahead frightened his audience.

I half-expected that as I’m a little intimidated, too, because “the bitch is back,” so to speak, and she’s a testy redhead.

Oh well.  This is how awareness works; what you do with it matters most.   I was delighted to tell him our follow-up interview would be about what to do.

You may ask, is the Red Kachina really here?  We’re seeing observations being reported on my Telegram channel, like the recent one below.  t.me/yowusachat

Red Kachina

Folks, as seen in the recent observation image above, the Red Kachina prophecy has been fulfilled.  And no, it’s not a frickin’ sun dog.

I’m seeing that old DS sun dog propaganda line being repackaged as “parhelia,” which is another way of saying sun dogs.  Sun dogs have a distinct pattern and require specific atmospheric conditions.  Beware.  This is a new DS word-trap for suckers.

To get the most from this interview, I suggest you read our latest Signs article, in which we show the hard science.  Signs 85 – Hopi Prophecy Fulfilled

The Michael Decon Program
Hopi Prophecy Fulfilled – Marshall Masters
Episode 485: The Hopi Prophecy
Air Date: 2024-02-10

Preparedness author Marshall Masters has written numerous books addressing earth changes, space threats, and sustainable survival strategies and technologies. His mission is to help survival community leaders create sustainable communication strategies using affordable two-way radios.

He holds an FCC amateur general class radio license and has completed hundreds of hours of emergency training courses in preparation for his latest books, Win-Win Survival Handbook: All-Hazards Safety and Future Space Colonization and Radio Free Earth: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Survival Communications.

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Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs with an interest in my Mars Beta Project are welcome to contact me at marshall@marsbeta.org.  I look forward to meeting a bold soul who with a dream of becoming the first to build a kilometer-long colony ship to the stars.

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