We know that an electric current in plasma generates its own magnetic field and can self-constrict the current channel. This is called a Bennett pinch (or Z-pinch) effect—and is able to produce filaments of current that maintain their shape over vast distances. Multiple filaments tend to spiral around each other, forming helical circuits that transmit electrical charge throughout the cosmos.

Almost every body in the Universe displays some kind of filamentation. Venus has a tail composed of invisible “stringy things” (NASA’s description). Comets have tails composed of visible stringy things or in reality, Ion tails. The neon-light-glow of planetary nebula look like intricate webs of filamentary, braided string. The spiral arms of some galaxies look hairy with threads of material extending out from their galactic center.

Now if these filaments are Birkeland currents as the EU Model suggests—and we’re only seeing the visible structures—the rest of the circuit will generate the magnetic fields that are consistently being mapped to help us grasp the extent of these cosmic circuits.

Yet another reason why the EU Model of Cosmology is a viable alternative to the Standard Model by seeing, and defining, circuits in the big picture of the cosmos. Its predictive success rate alone demands attention.

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“Seeing Circuits”
Original Post January 12, 2005

Matt Finn, Immersive Audiobook Author
The Aquarian Cycle, Book 1 – “Breath of Life”

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