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00:00 Intro
01:52 Own who you are
02:41 Where do insecurities come from?
05:04 How we use insecurities
07:59 Letting go of insecurities (step by step)
13:13 How do you own yourself?
17:05 Create your own metrics
18:46 How to feel emotions
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People feel what you feel about you. Think about that. The energy you put out, based on how you feel about yourself, other people are feeling that and then are reflecting that back to you.

So if, for example, you have maybe like an acne, like some type of acne on your face and you go out and you’re really worried about it and you’re like, “Is everyone looking at this little pimple? Is everyone looking at the pimple?”

And you feel insecure about it, you’re more likely to perceive that other people are staring at the pimple. And if your energy closes in and you feel a specific way, you’re gonna find that other people maybe perceived to like be looking at it more.

And that’s because of the energy you are embodying. Whereas if you go out and you own it, not that you have to give the pimple special attention.

Like, everyone look at my pimple, it’s so cool, you like the pimple, but if you almost just don’t give it any importance whatsoever and you’re just being yourself and you’re owning yourself, people won’t notice it nearly as much.

And if they do, you won’t even be attached. Remember one time I had a friend who had kind of a pimple that was called a cyst. I guess it was called a cyst or something or a cyst or something, I don’t even know.

And they went in public and they said that they were at a store and someone there was like, said the word insist. And when they said the word insist, they got all insecure.

And they were like, oh, they were talking about my cyst on my face. And it was like kind of an example of this. It’s like if you’re gonna perceive of that, if you’re insecure about a cyst, then somebody else that says the word insist, you may be like, huh.

But that’s just because of the energy and because of the feeling self-conscious about it. But realize that the key and the power of this video that I wanna make today is all about owning who you are, own your vibe, own who you are.

And if you own it, you’re putting out this confident energy and then other people will also feel that and it’s just a completely different response. Now let’s also understand where insecurity comes from.

Now understand this when it comes to insecurity, insecurity is something that is very natural that everyone has at a certain level. Insecurity. Insecurity is like something about yourself that maybe there’s reluctance in accepting and there’s a feeling of not feeling safe with that thing.

Like, maybe you’re not gonna get your needs met or maybe you’re not gonna get the approval or the validation because of it. Now here’s the thing with insecurity. Insecurity is simply negative programming.

That’s it. Now understand this and and realize this, there are people, why is it that there’s one person that maybe has $10,000 in the bank and they feel super secure. They feel like I got $10,000 in the bank, I feel good, I have abundance.

If I need to go buy something, I can. You’ll have someone else that has $10,000 in the bank that feels like I don’t feel secure.

This is nothing, they feel like I always need to make more. You will have people that make a million dollars a year that feel more insecure than somebody that maybe makes $50,000 a year.

Why is that? Because of their internal programming. You will have people and when you talk about looks, there will be people that you look at and you’re like, oh man, that person looks so cool.

They’re on Instagram, they look like they have the perfect life. And you’ll look at them and you’ll think that. But then you may find out or deep down, that person may feel extremely insecure.

And that’s why there’s this need to have this perfect persona on Instagram. Now what’s the difference? And then you have somebody, I remember this dude that I used to work with when I worked at, when I sold woman’s shoes, there was this dude that was just extremely confident in himself and he would always date very beautiful women.

And you would look at the and you would be like, how does this mix up? Because it’s his energy, his energy, he felt confident about himself, he carried himself in a certain way and people responded to him in that way.

So when it comes to this, realize you could have somebody that maybe is someone out of shape that feels very secure and you could have someone that is like, looks-wise at least or whatever, it’s like, oh, that person looks perfect but then feels very insecure.


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