Upcoming Online Awakening Intensive — 27 – 29 October

Online Awakening Intensive

This 3-day Online Awakening Intensive is a fresh calling from Moojibaba into the heart of true seeing. Moojibaba’s heart wish is to meet us in the highest way, in the light of our own application of the core guidance offered. Rather than dwelling on personal stories, we are guided into the timeless discovery of Truth.


Do life’s challenges come predestined for our spiritual growth?

Moojibaba directs our attention to that which is beyond all challenges and the influence of the ego. From this perspective it becomes evident how life takes care of life.

“Everyone who has an ego is dominated by the mind. When you are grounded in beingness, you are seeing with more godly eyes, and you don’t have to plan or control anything. Your capacity as consciousness is to see everything in the highest light.”

18 August 2023
Monte Sahaja, Portugal


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