Upcoming Online Awakening Intensive — 27 – 29 October

Online Awakening Intensive

This 3-day Online Awakening Intensive is a fresh calling from Moojibaba into the heart of true seeing. Moojibaba’s heart wish is to meet us in the highest way, in the light of our own application of the core guidance offered. Rather than dwelling on personal stories, we are guided into the timeless discovery of Truth.


A student asks for freedom from the mind and shares how it creates a sense of bondage through the weight of personal responsibilities. Moojibaba’s guidance cuts through all doubts and allows us to confirm the deep stillness and peace within.

“My path is a very peaceful path, yet the most powerful. It is the most powerful because it confirms the deep stillness and peace within you, so you know through direct experience that God is the core of your being. Not a fleeting experience, but the substratum of all experiencing.

Look, clarify and confirm your own Presence, which is sitting in the all-ness of God.”


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