In the first lesson, “The Concept of Freedom,” Slavoj Žižek gives his own definition of true freedom.
He begins with the paradoxes of freedom as he alights on the path to define its essence.

Slavoj Žižek is among the most influential, prolific, and provocative European philosophers of his generation.
A controversial public intellectual, he touches on the fields of philosophy, psychoanalysis, theology, history, and political theory using film, popular culture,
and literature to analyze the complexities of contemporary ideologies.
With his bold speaking style and mannerisms that have made him prime material
for internet humor and meme culture,
he is recognizable to a wide spectrum of fans and detractors.

Throughout his lecture series at GREAT MINDS,
he explores the strange notion of freedom today,
the crucial distinction politically between freedom and liberty,
and how knowing what the situation is can actually hinder action.

In addition, Žižek provocatively speaks about the ongoing war in Ukraine in relation to freedom.
He argues that ultimately, the war is some kind of metaphysical war, in the sense
that it’s not just a war about controlling territory and exercising power.
It is ultimately a war between different notions of not freedom but liberty.
The philosopher even sees why Putin has led the war in what appears to be an odd way.
According to Žižek, Putin is not a paranoid maniac who wants to occupy all of Europe
– he has a real metaphysical vision.

If you subscribe to GREAT MINDS,,
you can watch the full lecture series from the greatest mind in the world.

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