In this re-release of his EU2017 Conference presentation, Edwin Kaal proposed a new model for the atom based upon principles of densest packing, balancing of electrostatic forces, symmetry, and the stable geometry of Platonic solids. It’s called the Structured Atom Model (SAM).

In his model, the sacrosanct strong force of the modern theory is not required, and neutrons are redefined as a connection between protons and electrons. Atoms in SAM are protons and electrons in electrostatic and geometric equilibrium.

Following simple rules and postulations, a structured atomic model emerges. The shapes represent specific attributes of the elements such as the valence value. Importantly, SAM does not contradict the evidence in chemistry and physics, but offers a new interpretation and fresh approach.

Based in the Netherlands, Edwin Kaal—an expert in analytical and environmental chemistry—collaborated with James Sorensen, Andreas Otte, and Jan Emming to author “Nature of the Atom – An introduction to the Structured Atom Model” and launched its supporting website in September 2021.

The Nature of the Atom: An Introduction to the Structured Atom Model | Book

SAM – Structured Atom Model | Website

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