For over half a century, the enduring occupation of Palestine has led to indescribable suffering being inflicted upon the Palestinian population. Leading Palestinian, Israeli and international human rights groups have said that the totality and severity of the human rights violations against the Palestinian population amount to the crime against humanity of apartheid. Living under the shadow of apartheid, individuals are left with a grim choice: silent suffering or resistance.

Days ago, Hamas—the Islamist organisation that governs the blockaded and densely populated Gaza Strip—launched an unprecedented attack on Israel, with fighting raging well inside Israeli territory. Hundreds of Israelis and Palestinians have already been killed, many of them civilians.

How can we bring a stop to the loss of innocent lives, and prevent a possibly catastrophic response from the far-right Israel government? How does this conflict relate to others around the world, including the war currently raging in Ukraine? And, most importantly, how can we achieve a lasting, just peace, in Palestine and beyond?

That’s what our panel, including Yanis Varoufakis, Erik Edman and Julijana Zita, will discuss.

Join us live and be part of this vital conversation.

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