DEPOPULATION being accelerated to ‘catch up’ with rapid AI advancements that will replace humans

DEPOPULATION being accelerated to ‘catch up’ with rapid AI advancements that will replace humans….html

Auto-generated summary and highlights

  • AI-powered humanoid robots replacing human jobs.
  • China will roll out humanoid robot factories in 2025, with AI brains enabling intelligent simulation of cognition.
  • Humanoid robots will replace most physical jobs, including driving, surgery, and fast food.

AI replacing jobs and depopulation.

  • AI will replace human workers in various industries, including banking, insurance, and journalism.
  • Globalists aim to eliminate “useless eaters” through AI advancements, accelerating depopulation to 2030.

Depopulation agendas and AI takeover.

  • Globalists plan to exterminate 4 billion people to solve debt and unemployment problems.
  • Globalists aim to kill off billions through war, famine, or economic collapse to make way for robot takeover.

AI and automation transforming society.

  • Speaker predicts a future with fewer people and more robots, citing AI-powered drones and Terminator warriors.
  • Speaker predicts widespread AI adoption, job displacement, and societal change.
  • Speaker warns of rapid technological advancements and their potential to make many people obsolete.



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