Welcome to episode #126 of Eye on AI with Craig Smith and Noam Chomsky.

Are neural nets the key to understanding the human brain and language acquisition? In this conversation with renowned linguist and cognitive scientist Noam Chomsky, we delve into the limitations of large language models and the ongoing quest to uncover the mysteries of the human mind.

Together, we explore the historical development of research in this field, from Minsky’s thesis to Geoff Hinton’s goals for understanding the brain. We also discuss the potential harms and benefits of large language models, comparing them to the internal combustion engine and its differences from a gazelle running. We tackle the difficult task of studying the neurophysiology of human cognition and the ethical implications of invasive experiments.

As we consider language as a natural object, we discuss the works of notable figures such as Albert Einstein, Galileo, Leibniz, and Turing, and the similarities between language and biology.

We even entertain the possibility of extraterrestrial language and communication. Join us on this thought-provoking journey as we explore the intricacies of language, the brain, and our place in the cosmos.

00:00 Preview
00:43 Introduction
01:54 Noam Chomsky’s neural net ideology & criticisms 
06:58 Jeff Hinton & Noam Chomsky’s: How the brain works
10:05 Correlation between neural nets and the brain
11:11 Noam Chomsky’s reaction to Chat-GPT & LLMs
15:21 Exploring the mechanisms of the brain
19:00 What do we learn from chatbots?
22:36 What are impossible languages?
26:45 Generative AI doesn’t show true intelligence?
28:40 Is there a danger of AI becoming too intelligent?
31:30 Can AI language models become sentient?
36:40 Turing machine and neural nets experimentations
42:40 Non-evasive procedures for understanding the brain
45:54 Does Noam Chomsky still work on understanding the brain?
49:33 Is Noam Chomsky excited about the future of neural nets?
55:30 Albert Einstein and Galileo’s principles
55:40 Is there an extraterrestrial language model?

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