David discusses the most fascinating prophecy of all — the idea that everyone on Earth will soon be experiencing a very real form of Ascension, without catastrophic Earth Changes.

The Fatima Prophecies of 1917 may have predicted a much greater, worldwide event that we will see on or before Memorial Day 2025 — a true mass contact experience.

This is the most controversial and exciting revelation to come out of The Michael Prophecies, a series of seven books David received intuitively in the 1990s — and which now have shocking prophetic relevance for today.

Our Galactic Logos is programmed to create Hero’s Journey storylines. They are written into the cycles of history themselves. David will discuss this in the show.

We are now clearly at a Global Dark Night of the Soul. This also immediately leads into the breakthrough stage that results in the hero achieving the goals of his or her Quest.

Once you see the “Big Picture” and hear what Michael has in store for us, you will never look at reality the same way again!

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This is an eleven-part, ten-plus-hour online course that gives you a breathtaking new model of a living, intelligent Cosmos that is about to transform us — in a mass Ascension process.

David is joined by the ‘Cosmic’ insider Chris Beskar, CEO of Stavatti Aerospace, to discuss this data for a “cosmic peer review” — and the results are eminently watchable and deeply fascinating and inspiring for our future.

You will also receive all seven of the Michael Prophecies books, ready to go as deliverables from the moment you sign up — just like the eleven-part course with cinematic production value.

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