Excerpted from my book, Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse, Chapter 7: Crown Agent Wilbur Ross

In December 2012, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross bought a 37.8% share of NBNK Investments. Ross had earned a bachelor’s degree at Yale, where his father had also gone before becoming a lawyer and a judge.  He got an MBA from Harvard.

In the late 1970’s  Ross began a 24-year stint with the New York office of NM Rothschild & Sons where he ran their bankruptcy-restructuring advisory practice. Around that same time Atlantic City, NJ legalized gambling.

By 1984 President Donald Trump opened his first casino in Atlantic City. Harrahs at Trump Plaza was financed and managed by Holiday Corporation, a British-owned hotel chain better known as Holiday Inn. The parent company of Holiday Inn is Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG). Both are headquartered at Denham, Buckinghamshire in the UK. IHG owns 0ver 5,000 hotels in over 100 countries including Candlewood Suites, Crowne Plaza, & Staybridge Suites.

Trump bought another partially built casino from Hilton and renamed it Trump Castle, before he bought the Taj Mahal from Merv Griffin and Resorts International in 1988. Trump also bought 93% of Resorts International itself, an MI6 drug money laundry founded by Crown Agents Allen Dulles and David Rockefeller as the Mary Carter Paint Company in the 1950’s.

When the purchase put Trump in financial hot water, it was bond specialist Wilbur Ross at NM Rothschild & Sons who in 1992 convinced Trump’s creditors to write off billions of Trump’s debt in exchange for casino assets.

In 2000 Ross founded the private investment fund WL Ross & Co. based on a distressed assets fund he had started at NM Rothschild. The company began buying up the shares of bankrupt US Steel companies like LTV, Bethlehem, Weirton & Acme.

They folded these assets into International Steel Group (ISG) while promising United Steel Workers union workers they were going to save their jobs. But in 2005 Ross sold ISG to the Luxembourg-based Indian-operated ArcelorMittal Steel, which began cutting 45,000 steel worker jobs in the US.

Ross, who learned this vulture finance capitalism model at Rothschild, had just exported virtually the entire US steel industry to India.

By 2006 WL Ross & Co. became a subsidiary of Invesco, Ltd & Wilbur Ross became Invesco CEO. Invesco set up domicile in the City of London-controlled off-share haven of Bermuda. I’s owner was the London-based Britannia Arrow, which also owned Montagu Investment Management. Samuel Montagu was a prominent Zionist banker in London and his namesake bank was one of five that met until 2007 at NM Rothschild in London to “fix” the price of gold.

In 1997 Invesco bought AIM Investments. In 2007 Invesco moved its headquarters from London to Atlanta and began buying up various investment funds including Morgan Stanley’s retail business, Van Kampen Investments, Guggenheim Investments, and Oppenheimer Funds. By 2018 Invesco had $937 billion under management.

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