Dr. Jordan B. Peterson sits down with Save Canada organizers Josh and Nick Alexander. They discuss the resurgence of activism for christian ideals and family values, the abhorrent response from administrative bodies, mainstream media, and law enforcement, the threats and physical violence levied against their family and organization, and what their battle really means for Canada and the world at large.

Josh Alexander is a 17-year-old Christian student activist. Josh has been denied an education at the Renfrew County Catholic District School Board since November 2022, after speaking out against the radical left-wing gender ideology in schools. After three arrests since February, one having been at his high school, Josh has continued to publicly uphold his convictions in the face of the rapidly developing censorious state.

Nick Alexander is the older brother of Josh Alexander. He has been arrested 3 times and removed from his fire department for exercising his rights to oppose the mainstream narrative. Nick recently made headlines after being assaulted with an edged weapon by union supported counter protestors and then arrested.

Together Josh and Nick lead the Save Canada movement as it sweeps the country bringing the message of truth to our youth and providing a rallying point for concerned citizens.

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– Chapters –

(0:00) Coming up
(0:17) Intro
(1:16) Running into trouble at school
(3:02) Lockdown restrictions: both sides of the argument
(4:45) What happened to rebelliousness in youth?
(6:03) A model student
(7:23) The effect of lockdowns on teenagers
(9:50) We did not comply
(13:32) Ottawa, walkouts, arguing with the principle
(18:43) The Alexander family, harassment and resolve
(24:03) Attacked by ANTIFA, “the police did nothing”
(27:26) Staying calm in the chaos of anti-protestors
(29:39) Interrogated and arrested for handing out scripture
(33:10) Jagmeet Singh, “all the faults of Trudeau, none of the (few) virtues”
(36:33) Attacked by a masked assailant
(42:00) Wild Bill, standing up against the Toronto police
(43:07) Nick gets arrested, “Bleeding without a permit”
(50:45) Locked out of the police station, calls refused
(54:56) Refused medical treatment
(58:28) Rationale for ongoing suspension
(59:51) When your math teacher preaches gender ideology, tolerance is not a virtue
(1:02:41) Ridiculous conditions for return to school, “not disciplinary”
(1:06:48) Fighting the board, winning the first case
(1:08:10) Parents vs. the teachers union, suspended with pay
(1:10:16) What the education system actually produces
(1:15:00) How the Alexanders organize an event, how to get involved
(1:19:05) Pierre Poilievre: lacking the support of officials
(1:26:22) Meeting Billboard Chris, “I love J. K. Rowling”
(1:30:02) Hands Off Our Kids, the Million Man March
(1:30:48) The faculties of education control certification
(1:32:47) Josh and Nick: going forward, a future after protest
(1:34:57) Thought as a form of secularized prayer
(1:38:45) Orientation, faith, and being a good man
(1:42:59) Stand for the truth, Save Canada

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