Controversial Claims About Homo Naledi Are Stirring Up Evolution Research

Mike W. Morley et al. / The Conversation In June, researchers led by paleoanthropologist Lee Berger published sensational claims about an extinct human species called  Homo naledi online and in the Netflix documentary Unknown: Cave of Bones. They argued the small-brained  H. naledi buried their dead in Rising Star Cave in South Africa more than 240,000 years ago, and may also […]

Brutal Bakery-Prison Operated by Slaves and Donkeys Found in Pompeii

Archaeologists searching through excavated rubble at the site where Pompeii once stood in southern Italy recently discovered the remains of a small, cramped room with unique characteristics and a singular design. Found inside the walls of an elite dwelling in ancient Rome’s most famous doomed city, this room has now been identified as a home […]

Pablo Miller: The people working alongside the real James Bond

You may have never heard his name before, yet Pablo Miller is one of the most influential and successful MI6 spies in modern history. In this article, we trace some of Miller’s known associates to find out a little bit more about the real-life James Bond.   On 25 March 2000, a reporter named Ian […]

BE AFRAID, VERY AFRAID – how fear is used to control people

From the Viking Age until today, fear has been used to control people and keep people obedient. A history lesson and a philosophical discussion. Subscribe to to be notified about new videos and get updates about my novels. Useful links and further resources can also be found here. Recommended equipment, cameras, software and a […]

How Humans Became (Mostly) Right-Handed (Video)

The majority of Neanderthals, much like modern Homo sapiens, exhibited a strong preference for using their right hand, as evidenced by the accidental scratches on their teeth.  Read more Section:  News Human Origins Science Videos Read Later  Source link