Tall White Humanoids – Who Are They and What Do They Want?

@UAMNTV From Bolivia to Russia – Bizarre Encounters with Tall White Humanoids – watch FULL episode here – https://youtu.be/QrV0YE-Ot-A If you found this video helpful or interesting, please consider giving it a thumbs up (LIKE) and sharing it with your friends/family (SHARE). Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel (SUBSCRIBE) for more videos on subject […]

It All Goes Down in Your Mind: Gabor Maté

You can watch all our videos at https://scienceandnonduality.com In this recent 4-day retreat hosted by Science and Nonduality called ‘Pathways to Wholeness, ‘ Gabor weaves Johnny Cash and the Buddhist ‘Dhammapada’ to illuminate that all of reality takes place in the field of our consciousness (AKA mind), and, more importantly, what to do with that […]

Edwin Kaal: Proposal for the Structured Atom Model | EU2017

In this re-release of his EU2017 Conference presentation, Edwin Kaal proposed a new model for the atom based upon principles of densest packing, balancing of electrostatic forces, symmetry, and the stable geometry of Platonic solids. It’s called the Structured Atom Model (SAM). In his model, the sacrosanct strong force of the modern theory is not […]

Farsight Update: December 2023

This is what is happening at Farsight during the month of December 2023. Farsight’s Streaming Service: http://farsightprime.com Farsight’s Web Site: http://farsight.org Farsight Rumble channel https://rumble.com/c/c-5164675 For remote-viewing course opportunities, contact Intysam at IntysamSRV (at) gmail.com and Shantae at RVwithTAE (at) gmail.com and Yeme Jeaneé at princessviews (at) gmail.com Subscribe to Farsight’s FREE newsletter: https://farsight.org/newslettersignup… TWITTER: […]

Richard Dolan on Chris Lehto LIVE

This is a quick look – Watch the entire video on Chris Lehto’s channel Is this Disclosure LIVE with Chris Lehto We are in exciting UFO times. On the cusp of passing landmark legislation. The industrial complex is not happy Live with UFO expert Richard Dolan. Join us live 6pmET. Follow Chris: Patreon https://www.patreon.com/join/chrislehto UAP […]

The Exploding Planet Theory…What Happened To Mars? #mars #space #alien

@UAMNTV Ever wondered about the mysteries of the asteroid belt, the true history of our solar system, and the enigma of Mars becoming a lifeless world? Join Mike Bara as he unveils the mind-boggling Exploding Planet Theory – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8pD0LoEQfc If you found this video helpful or interesting, please consider giving it a thumbs up (LIKE) […]

Corey Q&A November 2023

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