Detectorist in England Finds Coins from 12th Century Reign of King Stephen

An incredibly rare collection of 12th century silver pennies was recently unearthed by an unnamed metal detectorist exploring near the village of Wymondham in the county of Norfolk in eastern England. This valuable cache of coins included seven pieces minted during the reign of King Stephen, an ancestor of William the Conqueror, and two more […]

Massive 200,000-Year-Old Hand Axes Rewrite Saudi Arabia History

Archaeologists digging at the Qurh site in Saudi Arabia’s AlUla Governorate uncovered a set of enormous stone hand axes that were made by ancient humans living in the region 200,000 years ago, reported the Saudi Press Agency. These remarkable relics are an exceptionally rare find, and their recovery will provide valuable new information about the […]

Pulverized Rock Dust Killed the Dinosaurs, New Study Says

As enduring as the mighty dinosaurs were, they couldn’t survive the catastrophic climate disaster set off by the crash of a large asteroid into the ocean off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico approximately 66 million years ago. There have always been questions about how exactly the extinction of these huge creatures unfolded […]

Study Tracks Neanderthal DNA, and It’s A Cross-Continental Odyssey!

While Neanderthals went extinct approximately 40,000 years ago, they left a legacy hidden inside the genetic codes of humans, in the form of traces of their Neanderthal DNA. Even though Neanderthals occupying the Eurasian landmass had been separated from Homo sapiens for a long time, the two species were still able to interbreed for a […]

Shock Discovery – Humans First Interbred with Neanderthals 250,000 Years Ago

A groundbreaking study has shattered the conventional timeline of human-Neanderthal interactions. The prevailing belief was that Homo sapiens ancestors first mingled with Neanderthals in Eurasia after a massive exodus from Africa about 75,000 years ago. However, the startling revelations from this research expose a far more ancient narrative, one that traces back over 250,000 years, […]