Slavoj Zizek – what lies ahead when there is no future?

I recorded this Slavoj Zizek talk and interview at Conway Hall, London November 3rd 2023. Once again Slavoj talks about the Israel/Gaza conflict, as well as discussing the content of his new book in an interview with Matthew d’Ancona. Note there are a few seconds of silence at the start of this audio/video . . […]

Slavoj Zizek – too late to awaken: counting down to doomsday

Slavoj Zizek’s talk “Too late to awaken: counting down to doomsday” was recorded at the Royal Institution in London on a wet Wednesday evening, 1st November 2023. In it, he discusses Israel and Palestine with occasional references to his book. Last week Zizek gave a talk in Germany where he was challenged on his views […]

Slavoj Zizek – on Christian atheism

Lecture given by Slavoj Zizek beginning with some thoughts on Christian atheism, although he then goes on to discuss a range of topics throughout the session. Recorded in London in the summer of 2023. source