Who Benefits From Blaming India For Murder Plots In The US And Canada?

The investigation into the murder plot targeting US-based Khalistan leader Gurpatwant Singh Pannun continues, raising the question of who benefits from blaming India. Both the US and Canada are utilizing the Five Eyes intelligence alliance in their pursuit of answers. Diplomatic strain is at an all-time high between the US and Indian governments after Washington […]

Russia To Launch Year-Round LNG Shipments Via Arctic

Russia will begin year-round LNG shipments via the Arctic route of the NSR, a transit route spanning the entire length of Russia’s Far East and Arctic territories within its exclusive economic zone. Sergey Zybko, the head of the Northern Sea Route (NSR) operator, revealed this week that Moscow intends to begin year-round LNG deliveries to […]

Poland Buys Gold As Per Secret EU Plan

The Polish central bank has purchased approximately 300 metric tonnes of gold in recent years in an effort to align its GDP-to-gold ratio with the average for the eurozone, as outlined in the secret EU plan. For those unaware, the European Union’s (EU) ultimate goal is for every nation to adopt the euro and join […]

Nanoplastics Linked To Parkinson’s And Dementia

A new study from Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment and the Department of Chemistry at Trinity College of Arts and Sciences found nanoplastics linked to Parkinson’s and dementia. One day, the plastic water bottle you use on a daily basis can break down into microscopic pieces that cause brain damage. According to recent […]

Italy Bans Lab-Grown Meat – GreatGameIndia

In a Facebook post, Italy’s Minister of Agriculture, Francesco Lollobrigida, announced on November 16 that Italy bans lab-grown meat. Italy was the first nation to outlaw cultivated meat, citing concerns for the welfare of its people, the farming sector, and the economy. Lab-grown meat sometimes referred to as “cultivated meat,” is produced in a laboratory […]

Italy Exits China’s Silk Road Initiative

According to Bloomberg, Italy has officially exited China’s Silk Road Initiative, which, according to Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani, is because BRI has not produced the desired effects. China has been formally informed by Italy’s government, led by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, that Italy is leaving the Belt and Road Initiative. This action validates months-long rumors […]

Visualizing US GDP By Industry In 2023

Using data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Govind Bhutada of Visual Capitalist has visualized US GDP by industry in 2023. The largest GDP in the world is generated by the diverse and intricate industries that make up the US economy. Govind Bhutada of Visual Capitalist breaks it down, visualizing the US GDP by industry […]

How Russia Helped Launch The Decolonial Movement In The Heart Of The British Empire

Russia helped launch the decolonial movement in the heart of the British Empire with the help of Rafiq “Roosi” Ahmed, one of the few freedom warriors invited to New Delhi in 1972 by the Indian government to commemorate the country’s silver jubilee of independence. Rafiq “Roosi” Ahmed passed away forty years ago. However, his trips […]

Experts Predict Mind-Controlled Devices May Be Common By 2040s

Mohit Shivdasani, a biomedical engineering specialist at the University of New South Wales, predicts that mind-controlled devices using smart brain technology may be common by the 2040s. Experts believe that advances in “smart brain” technology will allow people to operate smart devices with their minds by 2040. A wearable or implanted gadget known as a […]