A Roman Wooden Cellar Unearthed in Frankfurt’s Nida

In the heart of modern Frankfurt, Germany, a new window into the past has been uncovered. The recent archaeological discovery of a full, well-preserved Roman wooden cellar in the ancient Roman city of Nida offers a unique glimpse into Roman life nearly two millennia ago. This exceptional find, unearthed by the Frankfurt Archaeological Museum’s team, […]

Wasabi Is Innovative ‘Green’ Solution for Preserving Ancient Papyrus

Researchers have discovered a novel, environmentally friendly method for preserving bio-deteriorated painted archaeological papyri using wasabi. The study, led by Hanadi Saada and her team, explored the efficacy of wasabi vapors in eradicating microbial growth that deteriorates papyrus artifacts, which have been of significant historical and cultural importance, particularly in ancient Egypt. Papyrus, utilized extensively throughout […]

Saxon ‘London’ Was Bigger Than Previously Thought

In a remarkable archaeological endeavor, the team from Archaeology South-East, a division of the UCL Institute of Archaeology, has made groundbreaking discoveries beneath the National Gallery at the heart of Trafalgar Square. The findings, unearthed during the Jubilee Walk excavations, suggest that the urban center of Saxon London, historically known as Lundenwic, stretched further west […]

4700-year-old Megalithic Circle Discovered in the High Andes of Peru

Archaeologists have discovered a prehistoric plaza high in the Andes, known as Callacpuma stone plaza, was built nearly 5,000 years ago by ancient nomadic groups. At an elevation exceeding 3,000 meters (9850 feet) above sea level, this significant finding is a unique structure of a stone circle, where offerings were made to long-forgotten gods over […]

UK Declared a Land Full of Hidden Treasure By British Museum

While Caroline Nunneley was exploring the Thames’ shores in London, meticulously searching the mud on all fours for archaeological treasures, she encountered an unexpected find: a small, intricately carved object resembling a miniature human skull. Once again, a remarkable piece of medieval treasure had been retrieved from the earth of the British Isles. The find […]

Romans Look to Have Brought Bedbugs to Britain

In a fascinating addition to our understanding of ancient Britain, recent archaeological work at Vindolanda, a key Roman garrison south of Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland, has unearthed evidence suggesting that the Romans may have introduced bedbugs to Britain. This discovery, made by Katie Wyse Jackson, a 24-year-old graduate student from University College Dublin, adds a […]

Yale Archaeologist Discovers Ancient Mancala Game Boards in Kenya’s Highlands

In a remarkable fusion of local knowledge and academic expertise, Yale University’s Veronica Waweru has uncovered what she thinks is an ancient “arcade” of Mancala game boards in central Kenya, revealing a new layer of human history in the region. This discovery, made within the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, highlights the enduring legacy of one of […]

Beneath Roman Britain – An Iron Age Settlement Is Revealed At Silchester

Five decades on from the start of an archaeological dig by the University of Reading, the findings of the investigation will be brought to the public, showcasing the incredible discoveries from excavations at the ancient Roman city of Silchester in Hampshire, England. This complex and revealing site became an important Roman town, but was already […]

Bizarrely Adorned Ancient Burials Found In Ukraine

A recently unearthed cemetery in Ukraine, dating back 1,000 years, has yielded an array of fascinating finds, including weapons, jewelry, and, unusually, buckets positioned around the feet of some of the interred. The men were found buried with weapons such as axes, spearheads, and swords, and several of the women were buried with thick twisted […]

Sensational 14th Century Gauntlet Unearthed In Switzerland

In a remarkable find of ancient military technology, a team of cantonal archaeologists in Kyburg, Switzerland, has unearthed a completely preserved armored gauntlet dating back to the 14th century. The find was made during excavations southeast of Kyburg Castle, in what appears to have been a medieval weaving cellar that burned down in the same […]