IT’S HAPPENING!!! #ASTROAWARDS2024 The Everyday Astronaut team is so excited to host our first in-person event and awards show in Austin, TX on January 13-14, 2024! Our mission: to honor and celebrate the revolutionary humans behind the hardware and missions by inviting them to accept an award IN REAL LIFE! We’re merging the space industry with everyday […]

Best Space Gift Ideas[2023]

You asked for it, here they are, my favorite gift ideas for 2023! Tons of new merch at Sign up to be the first to get Astro Award tickets! We’ve got the rest of our gift ideas with hyperlinks to each here! – ————————– Want to support what I do? Consider becoming […]

[4K Slow-Mo] Starship IFT-2 Supercut with clean audio and tracking!

[HEADPHONES ON] Enjoy this incredible audio and video from the launch pad and various locations for the most powerful rocket to ever fly, SpaceX’s Starship for its second integrated flight test! 4K slow motion captured on ZCam’s and BlackMagic 12K Ursa, RED Komodox and G2 4.6K with SIGMA lenses and Meade Telescopes. SpaceX’s second launch […]

Starship Full Stack Flight 2 PRELAUNCH PARTY!!!

Welcome to our PRELAUNCH PARTY and Q&A! Starship’s launch is no earlier than November 18th at 7:00 a.m. [13:00 UTC], but until then, we’ll show you a preview of what you can expect and help answer questions leading up to this historic launch! This is the second fully integrated full stack test flight of Starship […]

Why Don’t They Launch Rockets From Mountains Or The Equator?

Why aren’t we taking full advantage of the planet we’re living on? If we launched rockets from mountains, they’d be closer to space where the air is thinner so we could use more vacuum optimized engines. Or why don’t we launch rockets from the equator? The Earth is moving quite quickly at the equator which […]

Watch the LAST Ariane 5 rocket launch ever!!!

After 27 years of service, the Ariane 5 era is coming to a close. For the last launch of the Ariane 5 rocket, specifically the ECA+ variant, it will loft two satellites into a geostationary transfer orbit, leaving the rest of the work to onboard propellant systems. The two satellites are the Syracuse 4B and […]

Watch #SpaceX launch 4 humans to the ISS & land the booster back on land!

SpaceX will launch four astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) aboard its Crew Dragon vehicle. With all four crew members being tourists, the Axiom Space Mission 2 (Ax-2) mission will mark the second fully private mission to the ISS, following only the Axiom Space Mission 1, launched in April of 2022. The crew will […]