David Wilcock LIVE: The Prophecy of Global Ascension

David discusses the most fascinating prophecy of all — the idea that everyone on Earth will soon be experiencing a very real form of Ascension, without catastrophic Earth Changes. The Fatima Prophecies of 1917 may have predicted a much greater, worldwide event that we will see on or before Memorial Day 2025 — a true […]

David Wilcock LIVE: I Can’t Tell You Any of This… Because It’s Classified!

What do the top insiders tell us about underground bases, extraterrestrial life and their presence here on Earth? David will take you deep down the rabbit hole of the latest and greatest inside intel. You can also sign up for David’s new online course, Sacred Science of the Michael Prophecies, at https://thedisclosure.com. This is an […]

David Wilcock LIVE: My Journey to End-Times LA (to film LEVITATION)

Join David on an impromptu livestream to discuss a truly depressing trip into Los Angeles to film the new upcoming movie, LEVITATION! Before he even left Denver, David had lost his phone — and the only time they could shoot was the following morning. He made it and did an amazing job — but this […]

David Wilcock: Crop Circle Prophecies — Cinematic Re-Upload!

David takes you on a thrill ride through the Book of Revelation, crop circles, the physics they reveal, and the prophecies that Earth will turn into the “New Jerusalem.” This was originally broadcast as a livestream. Many images were missing and various other mistakes occurred. Now you can watch it as a fully-realized and perfected […]

Crop Circle Prophecies, 31680 and the New Jerusalem

Join David in this stunning discussion of the 2023 crop circle formations, the hidden physics they reveal, and the prophecies that Earth will turn into the “New Jerusalem.” This Ascension prophecy refers to a change in the physics — and we see this illustrated for us in the crop formations, as they present fascinating new […]

October 14th Eclipse Global Peace Meditation: Let’s Use the Technology of Love

A crop circle in Italy warned us about the upcoming October 14th, 2023 eclipse. Other formations and prophecies suggest that the “Big One” is happening now. You can see it all around you. David will be hosting a Global Peace Meditation to help offset the awesome energies of this conjunction, and give you practical tips […]