Researchers at ETH Zurich created a jailbreak attack that bypasses AI guardrails

A pair of researchers from ETH Zurich, in Switzerland, have developed a method by which, theoretically, any artificial intelligence (AI) model that relies on human feedback, including the most popular large language models (LLMs), could potentially be jailbroken. Jailbreaking is a colloquial term for bypassing a device or system’s intended security protections. It’s most commonly […]

Nvidia posts record $18B third quarter revenue, cites generative AI as primary driver

Nvidia announced third-quarter revenue for 2023 of $18.12 billion, a company record, as the firm’s market cap now reaches $1.22 trillion. The better-than-expected earnings follow a 12-month growth trend, during which the company saw earnings increase by 34% over the last quarter and 206% over Q3 2022. While the company beat estimates, the strong quarter […]

Scientists develop AI monitoring agent to detect and stop harmful outputs

A team of researchers from artificial intelligence (AI) firm AutoGPT, Northeastern University and Microsoft Research have developed a tool that monitors large language models (LLMs) for potentially harmful outputs and prevents them from executing.  The agent is described in a preprint research paper titled “Testing Language Model Agents Safely in the Wild.” According to the […]

IBM launches $500M fund to develop generative AI for enterprise

IBM announced the launch of a $500 million Enterprise AI Venture Fund on Nov. 7 that, according to the company, will be focused on “accelerating generative AI technology and research for the enterprise.” Focused on accelerating #genAI technology and research for the enterprise, IBM announced the launch of a $500M venture fund to invest in […]

Law professor says blockchain tech could ‘revolutionize’ copyright offices

A professor from the Texas A&M University School of Law recently published research exploring blockchain technology use cases in the world of copyright administration. According to their findings, blockchain has the potential to radically alter the way intellectual property is handled both “domestically and internationally.”  Dr. Peter Yu, the Regents Professor of Law and Communication […]