Women Have Proposed Marriage to Men on Leap Day for Hundreds of Years

Welcome to February 29th, the Leap day that comes around but once every four years! In the age of viral marriage proposals, the persistence of outdated traditions whereby men inevitably go down on one knee to pop the question—often after asking permission from their girl’s father—bewilder me. Well into the 21st-century, these archaic customs continue to dissuade […]

‘Moorish King’s House’ Had a Secret Staircase to Survive Sieges

Nestled within the rugged landscape of Ronda, Spain, lies a hidden gem of ancient ingenuity: La Casa del Rey Moro, or the House of the Moorish King. While this historic site is renowned for its breathtaking views of the El Tajo gorge and its lush gardens, it holds a secret that speaks volumes about the […]

Admiral Nelson’s Defiance Inspired the Saying “To Turn a Blind Eye”

The expression “turning a blind eye” denotes the deliberate choice to ignore or overlook something, especially wrongdoing or undesirable information. While deeply ingrained within the English language, its origins remain somewhat elusive. Many attribute its origin to naval terminology, and the saying has been linked to the famed Admiral Nelson. Legend suggests that during the […]

The Gravity-Defying Bara Imambara was Built to Create Jobs During a Famine

The Bara Imambara, or “Great” Imambara of Lucknow in northern India, stands a testament to human ingenuity and compassion. Built during a devastating famine in the 18th century, this architectural marvel served as more than a place of worship—it was a beacon of hope and a source of employment for thousands. Creating Famine Relief Through […]

King Wamba Lost the Throne When He Unwittingly Underwent a Tonsure

Within ancient history, tales of kings and rulers often contain unexpected twists and turns. Enter Wamba, the 7th century King of the Visigoths, whose reign is shrouded in a peculiar legend regarding his tonsured hair. Wamba’s Triumphs and Turmoil in Visigothic Spain Wamba was a Visigothic king who ruled from 672 to 680 AD during […]

Roman Catholic Priests Rocked Seriously Quirky ‘Tonsure’ Hairdos

In the annals of religious history, the Roman Catholic tonsure hairstyle stands out as a peculiar and enduring tradition. From the early centuries of Christianity to its eventual abolition by the Vatican, the tonsure has held profound significance within monastic communities. The Tonsure as a Symbol of Spiritual Devotion and Humility The origins of the […]

Who Were the Biblical Amalek People?

If you’ve been following the news, you will have heard references to the use of the term Amalek which was cited by South Africa at the International Court of Justice in The Hague in January 2024. But what does this term mean and why did its use in public discourse trigger alarm bells? Amalek within […]

Shocked by His Own Brutality, Ashoka Converted to Buddhism

One of the most remarkable transformations in history unfolded during the life of Ashoka the Great, a ruler who transitioned from a brutal conqueror of a vast empire to a benevolent emperor guided by nonviolent principles of Buddhism. The pivotal moment in this extraordinary journey—from which rulers across the world would do well to take […]

Nike Sportswear Took its Name from the Ultimate Champion

Believe it or not, but the origin of the name Nike for the globally recognized sportswear giant dates back to Greek mythology. For the brand chose the winged goddess of victory as its namesake. The goddess Nike symbolized triumph and was often depicted with wings, an emblem of success. Founded in 1964 by Bill Bowerman […]

Artemisia Gentileschi Used Art To Avenge Her Rape

Since the 1970s, the work of Italian Baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi has seen a surge in popularity due to her unique perspective as a female artist of the 17th century. Artemisia Gentileschi stands out not only for her remarkable talent and unprecedented popularity, but also for the tumultuous events she experienced and the enduring relevance […]