Spectacular New Frescoes Uncovered in Pompeii

A spectacular banqueting room with elegant black walls, decorated with mythological characters and subjects inspired by the Trojan War, is one of the rooms recently brought to light during the excavations currently underway in insula (block) 10 of Regio IX at Pompeii and which is now completely visible in all its splendor. It provided a […]

Why So Few Witches Were Executed in Wales in the Middle Ages

By Mari Ellis Dunning/The Conversation The fear of witchcraft led to centuries of persecution and executions across Europe. While there were an estimated 500 executions in England, and between 3,000 and 4,000 killings in Scotland, only five people were hanged for witchcraft in Wales. Early modern Wales was unique in its outlook on witchcraft. Distinct […]

The Hidden Role of the Milky Way in Ancient Egyptian Mythology (Study)

Ancient Egyptians were known for their religious beliefs and astronomical knowledge of the Sun, Moon, and planets, but up until now it has been unclear what role the Milky Way played in Egyptian religion and culture. A new study by a University of Portsmouth astrophysicist sheds light on the relationship between the Milky Way and the […]

Remarkable Horseshoe Shaped Prehistoric Structure Discovered in France

Beneath the countryside landscape of Marliens, mere kilometers from Dijon in the heart of the Ouche valley, lies evidence of ancient life spanning through millennia. Before the expansion of a local gravel pit could proceed, INRAP archaeologists were called in to investigate the area, and came across a saga of human endeavor that stretches from […]

For the Maya, Solar Eclipses Were a Sign of Heavenly Clashes

Kimberly H. Breuer/The Conversation We live in a light-polluted world, where streetlamps, electronic ads and even backyard lighting block out all but the brightest celestial objects in the night sky. But travel to an officially protected “Dark Sky” area, gaze skyward and be amazed. This is the view of the heavens people had for millennia. […]

Stingray Sand ‘Sculpture’ on South Africa’s Coast May Be World’s Oldest

By Charles Helm & Alan Whitfield/The Conversation South Africa’s Cape south coast offers many hints about how our human ancestors lived some 35,000 to 400,000 years ago during the Pleistocene epoch. These clues are captured in the dunes they once traversed, today cemented and preserved in a rock type known as aeolianite. Our research team has […]

Surprising Facts and Beliefs About Eclipses from the Medieval and Renaissance Eras

By Sandra Knispel/University of Rochester In medieval and Renaissance society and culture, celestial events were not mere spectacles in the sky. Rather, they were omens, predictors of the future, and windows into the workings of the universe. University of Rochester historian Laura Ackerman Smoller and librarian Anna Siebach-Larsen, director of the Rossell Hope Robbins Library, shed light on […]

The Remains of a Circular Iron Age Village Revealed in France

A major archaeological discovery has just been made at Cap d’Erquy, in the Côtes d’Armor. The remains of a circular Iron Age village have been unearthed using revolutionary satellite imaging technology. Developed by INRAE (National Institute for e-realistic Archaeological Research) and called “LiDAR”, this technology uses lasers to scan the ground and create volume reconstructions […]

Preserved Building Site at Pompeii Reveals Roman Construction Techniques

New information relating to Roman construction techniques is emerging from the ongoing excavations at the Archaeological Park of Pompeii. In the rooms of the ancient domus in Region IX,  insula 10 excavations are revealing important evidence of a building site in full swing: work tools, stacked tiles, bricks of tuff, and piles of lime. A New […]

Every Medieval Enthusiasts Dream: Dukes Castle Unearthed in Brittany

INRAP In an exciting revelation for both history buffs and archaeology enthusiasts, the long-lost Château de l’Hermine in Vannes has been unearthed, offering a glimpse into the grandeur of medieval Brittany. An Inrap team – commissioned by the City of Vannes – has just unearthed the remains of the Château de l’Hermine, built by the […]