More proof of plasma winds is shown by examining a mountain Andy fondly refers to as Mount Origami. It’s actual name is Innerer Fisistock and it’s located in the Bernese Alps, about forty miles south of Bern, Switzerland.

Innerer Fisistock is very complex—demonstrating the actions of electric circuitry and plasma winds in mountain formation and electromagnetic/sonic-shock effects—it could be considered the “David” of plasma wind sculptures. This mountain of Origami shows evidence of fluid, ionized dust deposited by supersonic winds during episodes of plasma storms that swept the planet. The shape of it’s sinuous folds is irrefutable proof of such winds.

How did these rock layers bend without breaking? Mainstream consensus declares that heat and pressure under tons of overburden made the rock plastic, and seismic forces made it twist. But these formations are right beneath the surface, where no such heat and pressure exists. So, millions of years are added to allow time for something to happen. For the record, touting any kind of consensus in science is in itself unscientific.

Author Andrew Hall (I’m a Natural Philosopher, not a Psy-op-entist) takes on the scientific consensus of how the surface of the Earth was formed by supersonic plasma winds and electrical discharge that sculpted the face of our planet. Not parts of it – everything.

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