Eyewitness states:

May 4th 2023 I was aboard an American Airlines flight that departed from Charlotte, NC on route to Los Angeles, CA. Approximately at 17:25MDT I observed 6-7 disc shaped glowing objects outside my cabin window traveling West within close proximity of our aircraft.

The objects at first appeared in 3 rows stacked 2 per row. The top and bottom rows slightly trailed the middle row, as the objects traveled along side our aircraft they would slowly form a stagnated straight line. Our aircraft was traveling over the state of New Mexico near Taos with an air speed of roughly 490mph and a little over 30,000 feet above sea level.

These objects kept pace with our aircraft for the duration of the sighting and didn’t appear to ascend or descend at any point.
The video clearly shows multiple lights that appear to be flying in formation

this was not the sun reflecting off solar panels or anything from the ground this was flying alongside the aircraft says the pilot

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