Transhumanism is the ultimate form of eugenics. Whilst eugenicists want to rid society of, what they view as, inferior members of the human race, transhumanists want the extinction of the entire human race itself.

The push towards this anti-human end game is being promoted by numerous people who disingenuously promote it as some sort of Utopia where man and machine will meld into one superhuman, biotechnological entity. They envision a future where these new humans will have increased longevity or may even be able to cheat death itself. In reality, what they want is to usher in a nightmare scenario where humans are stripped of their humanity altogether and become slaves to billionaire technocrats.

Futurists like the sinister historian and World Economic Forum spokesman Yuval Noah Harare claims –

“I think the maybe the most important thing for people to realize about living in the 21st century, as against the Middle Ages or the Stone Age, is that we are now hackable animals.”

What he means is that you and I are the animals and he and his elite buddies will be doing the hacking to control us.

However, for the public to embrace their new transhumanist identity, every aspect of our old identities must first be obliterated. The first step in this process is the deliberate dismantling of the idea of nation states and national identity.

Destroying national identity

The formation of the United Nations after the second world war was the first step towards global governance. Ostensibly, the UN was formed to help facilitate peace through co-operation but has, in reality, become a Trojan horse for ushering in a one world government.  Its recommendations, such as agenda 21 and agenda 30 sustainability goals have, in effect, become almost mandatory throughout much of the world, overriding the interest of sovereign states and the therefore the interests of the citizens of those states. The UN seeks to erode the concept of identifying with a person’s own country through its laws and customs and instead promotes faceless, unelected bureaucrats whose only allegiance is to the global, one world government.

To further dismantle the idea of nationhood, the European Economic Union (now just the European Union) was formed. The whole idea of the formation of the EEC was to create a federation of European states as admitted by Jean Monnet, a French diplomat and considered to be one of the founding fathers of the European Union. He wrote –

“Europe’s nations should be guided towards the superstate without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.”

In 2011 plans emerged of the EU’s plot to further erode national identity, by breaking down traditional borders and merging various areas of each country into transnational regions. One example was the idea of joining Southern England to Northern France into one area complete with their own flag in which local English councils would make decisions in conjunction with their French counterparts for the inhabitants of both countries.

A North American Union, based on similar principles to the EU, involving Canada, the USA and Mexico, has also frequently been proposed in an attempt to destroy the national identity of all three countries. Recently an agreement has been reached by these countries, called the Declaration of North America which promotes closer ties on issues of diversity and inclusion, climate, immigration and shared security The declaration states –

“We will also consider trilateral approaches to promote sustainable, inclusive jobs and develop the workforce to meet our climate commitments.”

Clearly the right of the individual governments of these three countries to make independent decisions is being eroded.

Of course, to make the idea of the destruction of national identities more acceptable, the elite had to make any idea of patriotism and loyalty to one’s own country toxic. This was never more obvious than when the British decided to vote for Brexit and the media were apoplectic. Anyone that dared to vote for leave was an ignorant, flag-waving, far right extremist, xenophobic, racist, Nazi. It was the same in the USA when the people voted for Donald Trump on the basis of his Make America Great Again campaign. In both countries, displaying the national flag is almost akin to confessing to be a would-be terrorist.

Destroying cultural identity

In conjunction with destroying the idea of national borders, the elite are addicted to the concept of open borders. Once again, the European Union are one of the main promoters of this ideology. George Soros and his open society foundation are also major advocates of this policy. Again, anyone who questions the idea of unlimited immigration is subjected to the most vehement opprobrium and is labelled as racist and xenophobic.

In Britain, the instigator of the mass immigration policy was Tony Blair. Under new Labour, between 1997 and 2010, 5.5 million immigrants entered the country to become long term migrants. In the US, the democrat party has long been the advocate for open borders but under the Biden regime the numbers of illegal immigrants have soared.

The influx of vast numbers of people from various countries that have completely different cultures to the host nation, will, of course, lead to the dilution of the host nation’s own culture. Combine that with the fact that criminal gangs involved in drug and human trafficking exploit open border policies, leading to more crime, and the further break down of society within the host nation is greatly accelerated. Eventually it will become almost impossible to define what being British, American or French actually is and so one’s cultural identity is irreparably eroded.

Destroying religious identity

Although religion has been used by the elites for centuries to control populations and fuel conflict and hatred, vast swathes of the human race still consider their religious beliefs to be a fundamental part of their identity. Due to its importance to the individual, religious affiliations must be eradicated.

Many commentators have suggested that those behind the concept of the New World Order wish to create a one world religion to make it easier to manipulate the masses. This idea of religious syncretism was prevalent in the ancient world where Greek, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, and Persian belief systems were often intermingled with one another. Today, we have Chrislam, which is a combination of Christian and Islamic thought and practices.

However, why would the technocrat proponents of transhumanism want everyone in the world to worship a supernatural, superior being when they believe themselves to be the ultimate superior beings? They believe they are the gods now, who have the power to create new human/machine hybrid life-forms so why would they encourage anyone clinging to old-fashioned beliefs in anachronistic deities. If you have humans believing in a superior, perfect god, then they would hardly support anyone that wants to alter that god’s creation by splicing technology into them. You cannot upgrade God’s work. It would be blasphemous. Therefore, the only god they want us to worship is technology and those that create that technology.

In fact, there is already a religion dedicated to technology. It is called Way of the Future, founded by Anthony Levandowski. He created the new religion to worship Artificial Intelligence which he believes should be in control of the world. As A.I. is being promoted by everyone in every government and implemented everywhere, it will soon usurp God. Its reach will be everywhere and its knowledge base vastly superior to ours. It will be virtually omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent, the true qualities of any deity worth its salt.

Destroying community and family identity.

The great covid scam was one of the transhumanist’s most powerful weapons. It was designed to serve multiple purposes. It ushered in an era of tyrannical control, where technocrats took power, whilst causing schisms within the populace, turning human against human. Everyone was forced to ignore their own human instincts and simply cede control to the ‘experts’ because we had to’ follow the science’.

By trying to make us believe that the scientists knew best and it was all for our own good, they were laying the groundwork for the future.  When the experts tell us we will better off if we just connect our brains to a computer, why would we question it? We would just be ‘following the science.’ It would just be for our own good.

The covid era was also created so that we could be trained to accept tyranny and restrictions on our freedoms. Maybe, if we still have any doubts about putting a microchip in our bodies, they will tell us that, if we don’t, we won’t be able to go to work, to travel, to go the cinema, to buy food and we will nod meekly and accept our fate.

They turned us against each other – neighbours against neighbours, family members against family members. They destroyed community and family bonds by promoting fear and hatred of the unmasked and unvaccinated. They prohibited us from seeing each other and forced us into communicating more on-line, ensuring that technology became essential for our existence. Without technology as a medium, we could no longer talk to each other. The bonds between humans, between family and community, were broken as our reliance on technology became stronger. Our community and family identities were shattered but our faith in technology increased.

 Destroying individual identity

The covid tyranny was also aimed at destroying the individual’s identity. This was achieved in in two ways. The obvious one was the imposition of face masks. The visual impact of this cannot be overstated. When one sees a sea of masked people you don’t see them as individuals anymore but as one homogeneous mass. When you cannot see the nuances of a person’s facial expressions, you are failing to see the true person and their emotions. That is why the police in virtually every country brutally challenged anyone that dared not wear a mask.  It was not out of fear that covid would spread but that the idea of individualism would spread. They wanted to dehumanise us and the best way to do that is cover the face of those they are oppressing. It is also, of course, a symbol of being silenced. Not wearing mask was a symbolic act of subversives – those that wanted  to speak out and challenge the narrative.

Which brings us to the second way in which the covid tyranny adversely affected one’s individuality – the complete erosion of free speech. If you cannot speak about your experiences, thoughts and emotions then you are not truly expressing yourself as an individual. That is why the governments colluded with Big Tech and the media to censor anyone that questioned the narrative in anyway whatsoever. The government even resorted to using psychology and so-called ‘nudge units’ to ensure nobody could think for themselves let alone speak for themselves. Free speech is always the enemy of a tyrannical government. Masking people’s appearance and suppressing what they say went a long way to destroying a person’s individual identity.

Destroying sexual identity

The plan to destroy one’s sexual identity is the next stage in the obliteration of what makes us human and one of the most insidious of all the transhumanist machinations. Our sex and sexuality are inherent, it is an essential part of who we are at the core of our identity. It’s irrelevant if one is gay or straight. What is important is that we know what we are and embrace it. However, the never-ending alphabet of fabricated, sexual sub – categories, has been designed to confuse and the young, in particular, are most vulnerable to this manipulation.  People are now being told that not only can they change their sex and sexuality on daily basis but that this is, in fact, the new zeitgeist.

Young people, many of whom are simply facing the normal pressures and angst of a typical teenager, are being persuaded that all their woes will be solved if they have their bodies mutilated, leaving many traumatised, infertile, in continual pain, and on medication for life. This is not their true identity; this is the loss of their identity altogether.

To the eugenicists, of course, the higher percentage of infertile people the better as it helps fulfil their depopulation agenda. To the transhumanists, it is even better, because they want us to be more machine than human and machines are not only infertile but have no sexual identify. They are now one step closer to persuading those that feel disenfranchised that a glorious future awaits them if they not only stop being a man or woman but give up being human altogether. How long before they are telling the young people that transitioning from one sex to another was a good idea at the time but it didn’t really work as well as expected because depression, anxiety and unhappiness are all human traits and so they cannot really be eradicated unless they sacrifice their humanity altogether?

Destroying reality

To persuade, cajole and coerce us into eventually giving up on being human two more steps are required. The first is to make us challenge our own reality so that we no longer know what is real or not. So, the idea that a man can be a woman, or vice versa, or even an animal, if they so desired, was pushed at us aggressively from every institution and media outlet.

During covid, preposterous ideas abounded. The idea that a virus would kill you if you stood up in a restaurant but you were safe if you sat down. The idea if you went out after a certain time, the virus would know it was after curfew and specifically target you. The idea that if you wore a piece of cloth around your face, with holes much larger than viral particles, the virus wouldn’t get through it. The idea of vaccine passports that if you were vaccinated but had covid you were considered safe but if you weren’t vaccinated but didn’t have covid, you were a potential granny killer.

Then there is the insanity of the fake climate crisis. The idea that an essential gas for life, carbon dioxide, is going to cause the complete destruction of the planet. All this madness was instigated to make you doubt your own reality so you could be more easily manipulated.

Destroying our love for humanity.

The final goal before they can usher in their golden age of transhumanism, is for us to hate our own existence. If humans are causing climate change that is going to kill the planet, then isn’t it better that we stop being human altogether? Of course, the global elite have always promoted depopulation through eugenics, war and now their experimental covid ‘vaccine’ but if they can get us willingly to give up our own humanity that would be a real victory for them.

If humans are to blame for every wild-fire, hurricane, storm, monsoon, snowstorm and flood then we really are a curse upon the land. We need to ne eradicated for the greater good so why not give up being human and just be a machine instead?

They already bombard us with synthetic food and synthetic medicine. They even have synthetic blood and DNA products, so why not make us synthetic altogether. Of course, synthetic ‘organisms’ can’t breed so that’s a bonus for them.

What a wondrous time awaits us, we can be stronger and faster with augmented body parts or perhaps even live forever if we can upload our personalities into the cloud. We could be superhuman.

There is only one problem – why would the elite want make us fitter, healthier people when they have been poisoning us with chemicals in our food and water and injecting us with toxic medicines for decades? And who will own the implants and technology? They can’t patent nature, but they can patent the parts of you that is no longer human. They can own you. If you connect your personality to a computer, who controls the off switch? How far do you go before you cease to be human and cease to have any human rights? Transhumanism isn’t even the last step, it is only the penultimate one. The ultimate goal is ‘post-humanism’ where humans don’t exist at all.

No, a wonderful new, technological life does not await us. What awaits us is a dystopian nightmare. It won’t be a case of you ’owning nothing and being happy,’ but rather of the elite owning you and being happy. It is always the same. When arrogant men think they are gods, they are invariably devils in disguise.

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