This is a talk by Alan Watts discussing the Buddhist philosophies on the natural order of life and death, as well as how individuals situate one another in relation to others, the key concept behind re-birth:

0:00 Flowing change
01:32 These things matter
05:11 Let go
07:44 Re-birth
12:40 All Is are I
15:55 A constant rhythm
17:19 Ignor-ance
21:10 Intervals
24:03 Relationships between lives

Music Featured:
Fading Language – Yesterday; Always (Original Mix)
Fading Language – Macros (Original Mix)
Logic23 & Archer Official – Obsidian (Original Mix)
Autumn Glow – North Sea (Original Mix)
Kaisaku – Restless (Original Mix)
Logic23 & Fraser – Abandon (Ambient Version)
Ōri – Happier Days Pt. I (Original Mix)

Courtesy of pixabay
Special thanks to Bellergy, Dimitar Tzankov & Rogier Hoekstra

Video Edited & Compiled by:Anthonyfcollins

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